Why Do Customers Need Data Centers Built so Fast?

Oct 31, 2018
by Josh Anderson

DALLAS, TX – Sometimes a topic is so pervasive, so salient, that it goes from being a frequent theme to a staple panel. Exhibit A, a new, but long-expected panel at CapRE’s Sixth Annual Dallas Data Center Summit, The Speed of New Construction: What are Real and Fake Timeframes to Delivering New Product in the Great State of Texas? To much avail, this panel blew the roof off of that topic.

data center summit“We hear about this every time we come to a CapRE event – the speed of construction and the tremendous time pressure that we’re under,” began Moderator Kirk Offel, Executive Vice President of Platform Delivery, Aligned Energy. “So, there is something driving that, and that’s the customer. So I’m going to ask Ali to touch on this – why do customers need this done so fast?”

Ali Greenwood, Senior Vice President for Data Center Solutions at Jones Lang LaSalle, gladly took the microphone in response. “Sure. Absolutely. I think the dynamic has shifted a little bit in the last 18-24 months, with the entry of the hyperscale cloud providers, which is what everybody wants to hear about, on every panel of every conference lately,” she replied. “And I think that it depends a lot on the end-user and how much they care about the speed to construction and the product.”

“But I think that overall now, everyone cares a whole lot more about it. And it’s because of, you know, the actual applications,” Greenwood explained. “If you think about your traditional financial institutions that we would have thought about 5 years ago, JP Morgan Chase came out and said, we’re no longer a bank. We are a technology company that moves money, right? So these guys, so much of their spend and so much of their core business is now based on technology that every single application is that much more critical and the demand is growing that much faster. So they need that product to run that demand around, as opposed to that much faster.”

“So now even the financial institutions, the healthcare institutions, the companies that you would think of as being much more patient, now they need that product just as fast as the hyperscale providers which are taking down so much absorption across the country,” she stressed. “They need it because your small to medium-sized businesses are buying Cloud and they can’t even keep up with the demand in their internal traditional data centers that they have owned and operated for many years. they just need to scale that much faster. And it’s really translated across all industry verticals.”

Banner Photo (L): Ali Greenfield, Senior Vice President – Data Center Solutions, Jones Lang LaSalle

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