Which Parts of Florida Appeal to Southeast Data Center Providers? MegaPort’s Peter Brechtel Talks the Sunshine State at Southeast Data Center Summit

NORTH CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA — Any burgeoning data center market has to have the potential for a highly connected core, and the Carolinas are no different. At CapRE’s 2018 Southeast Data Center Summit Spring Update, we concluded the summit with a panel discussion titled Connectivity Innovations & Edge Data Center Growth in Carolina Markets: Analysis of the Advent of 5G, Dark Fiber Installation and Evolution of the Next Generation, which included a brief Q&A with Rick Williams, the Head of Strategic Business Development for DC BLOX. Below, Founder & CEO of CapRE Brian Klebash asked each panelist about their expectations and plans for the next year. 

Klebash: Rick, what are you most excited about for the next 12 months?

Williams: Mobile network operators and their 5G deployments, and their C-RAN deployments. These are a huge opportunity. Autonomous cars as a huge opportunity, but I think that’s more longer term. I think that you’ll see several carriers start to concentrate on the Southeast, where they haven’t before. As a result of more of the business starting to come here. Whether it be Nashville, which is growing at a record pace, or Raleigh or Charlotte, which have been growing at a record pace for the last 15 years, at some point, those migration patterns start to take a toll on the networks.

And that means that they have to do something about it, and that means deploying in markets that they’re not perfect for today. So I think that’s the immediate opportunity. And then I’ll add to that, where content meets eyeballs.

Klebash: Peter, how about you, thoughts on the next twelve months?

Peter Brechtel, Ecosystem Director, Partner and Alliances at Megaport, Inc.

Brechtel: We follow where our data center partners tell us where to go. We’re looking right now at Raleigh, Charlotte and Jacksonville – those three. If you wanted to go further South, then Tampa but right now our closest deployment to the Southeast of the Carolinas is Atlanta. I do expect that to change as these enterprises and service providers continue to drive and consume and implement this hybrid cloud architecture. I don’t see that stopping, especially since you’ve got autonomous vehicles, AI, and a lot of next-generation stuff that is going to need to be out on the Edge from a private cloud perspective. So I’m looking forward to it.

Klebash: Would you want to touch on the Florida market at all? I know you touched on Jacksonville, we’ve been told that Jacksonville is part of the [Southeast] market, but not the rest of Florida.

Brechtel: Yeah, sure. We are in Miami today. We’re probably going to be deploying in Tampa. And Jacksonsville, like I said, is definitely on our radar. We haven’t looked at anything in the panhandle of Florida. And we don’t have any demand yet in Orlando. So I think that it’s going to be Tampa, Miami, and Jacksonville so far. But again, we can deploy in sixty days. So it’s very easy for us to deploy into a data center. And so I think that we are going to wait and see, and see what happens. If there is demand there, we are definitely going to deploy.

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