NEW VIDEO: Data Foundry’s CTO, Edward Henigin, Kicks-Off CAPRE TX Summit in Austin with New Industry Insight

Data Foundry CTO, Edward Henigin, presented at CAPRE’s 7th Annual Texas Data Center Summit in Austin on November 13. Henigin discussed the following important themes in the industry today:

1. What is the overall vision for Data Foundry when it comes to IT infrastructure?
2. How has your team dealt with the exponential increase of data generation within the last two years, and how are you bracing for even more of it?
3. What do you regard as the most disruptive technologies? Have you implemented any in your systems?
4. How far away is Edge Computing? How has your team braced for this?
– How do you advise companies looking to deploy a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud solution on the best practices to consider
– How do you work with companies to help them understand the costs of deploying infrastructure versus outsourcing to the cloud?
5. What are some unanticipated challenges that you’re currently facing? How have you been able to overcome them?
6. What are some of the initiatives that Data Foundry works on that the industry should know about (i.e. regulation, security, etc.)
7. What is your future vision for what Data Centers could look like in 10+ years from now?
8. Looking back over the past 20+ years at Data Foundry and in the data center industry, what are the most surprising developments you have observed?

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