Vertiv Unveils Two Modular Data Center Product Lines

COLUMBUS, OH — Vertiv has launched a pair of product lines aimed at the modular data center market, a growing yet increasingly critical segment. The Vertiv SmartMod line will provide a pre-fabricated, container-based data center with the option of including Vertiv’s power and cooling infrastructure.  On the other hand, Power Module is a weatherproof container that will house UPS systems, batteries, and thermal management equipment. While not available in the United States until later in 2019, both platforms are now available in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

“There is increasing demand for agile data centre infrastructure, both in terms of whitespace and power – which can be rapidly deployed, with the same consistent design, across multiple regions,” said Viktor Petik, Vertiv’s Vice-President for Global Solutions in EMEA. “With SmartMod and Power Module, Vertiv is building on its proven track record of designing customized modular data centers for customers all over the world and is now able to augment that capability with the additional benefits of standardization, cost certainty and a common user experience.”

According to Vertiv’s product page SmartMod, the strengths of the platform include the ability to:

  • Ensure the reliable operation of ground fault protection systems and reduction of voltage transients from unbalanced load switching (10-250kVA/kW)
  • Deliver the mission-critical protection you need to keep all your sensitive equipment operating as expected (500kA per phase)
  • Sustain critical operations that simply can’t go down, from integrated systems and network closets to facility-wide data center solutions (10-1200kVA/kW)
  • Monitor and manage your data center with superior efficiency by gaining the ability to change operating status of managed devices at will

Furthermore, other key features include:

  • Extremely wide range of load testing solutions, from a simple 10 kW portable load to multiple megawatt units
  • Designed to withstand the most rigorous network power applications, these systems satisfy medium to large power requirements at remote sites and core facilities (5-600kW)
  • Scalable thermal management solutions delivering high efficiency and reliability
  • Easily separates hot and cold air, increasing return air temperature to cooling units
  • Active synchronization of onsite generating unit to the utility source with programmable microprocessor controller with keypad and LCD display
  • Provides real-time acquisition of data from the data center infrastructure and environment

On the Power Module product page, Vertiv boasts that this platform leverages core VERTIV Critical Power and Thermal Management technologies to deliver a simple, yet robust design that grows with your needs at the most critical locations. Key attributes include:

  • Liebert EXL S1 UPS offering industry-leading power density and proven reliability
  • Multiple switchboard configurations offering distribution options for both critical (UPS-protected) and non-critical downstream loads
  • Flexible incoming and outgoing power connections, overhead or underfloor, that can match the site architecture you choose
  • Breaker-based normal to emergency power automated transfer
  • Integral energy storage with VRLA batteries
  • Redundant Liebert® thermal management units with air containment – ensuring optimal operating conditions for all subsystems, even in the event of utility power loss
  • Clean agent fire suppression to reliably protect assets in the event of a fire
  • All subsystems are factory installed into a secure, weatherproof, and transportable enclosure – simplifying and drastically shortening on-site time required to install and startup, and reducing the potential for risk, quality, or schedule delays.
  • The entire VERTIV Power Module and its sub-systems are designed to minimize additional work required at site – from arrival onsite to startup and commissioning in just days instead of months.