Vertiv Identifies Four Edge Archetypes for 5G

ASHBURN, VA — Data Center Frontier has published a white paper by Vertiv titled Turning on 5G: Using Edge Archetypes to Identify the Most Mature Use Cases. The paper outlines four edge computing archetypes for 5G, characterized by bandwidth and latency requirements: Machine-to-Machine Latency Sensitive; Human Latency Sensitive; Data Intensive; and Life Critical.

  • Machine-to-Machine Latency Sensitive: Machine-to-machine communications may represent the first frontier on which 5G can truly demonstrate its value. Machine-to-Machine Latency Sensitive use cases are characterized by extremely low latency requirements and some use cases are now in a stage where 5G technology may provide the boost required to advance their maturity. These include smart security and smart grid technologies.
  • Human Latency Sensitive: Human Latency Sensitive use cases require low latencies to optimize the experience of humans engaging with technology. While they typically feature a geographically disperse user base that may make it difficult to fully leverage limited 5G deployments, there will be opportunities to use 5G in conjunction with other data transmission methods to improve the user experience and enable new capabilities, particularly in regard to augmented reality/haptic computing and smart retail.
  • Data Intensive: A number of edge use cases can be characterized by the high volume of data being generated or consumed at the edge, making it impractical to directly support these use cases from a central or core data center. 5G will emerge as a valuable last-mile delivery solution for these high-bandwidth use cases. Two that show particular promise in the coming years are virtual reality and smart cities.
  • Life Critical: The Life Critical Archetype encompasses applications where edge analytics and computing support use cases that directly impact human health and safety. Life Critical use cases include digital health, smart transportation and logistics, autonomous vehicles, autonomous robots and drones. Where other archetypes tend to have a dominant data characteristic, the Life Critical Archetype is characterized by the need for extremely high availability and low latency.

“The deployment of 5G and the improvements it delivers in the areas of data throughput, edge computing, ultra-low latency, and efficiency is now imminent. While the investment case for 3G and 4G technologies were fueled by staggering cell phone adoption rates and corresponding demand for data capacity by net new users across the globe, the case for investment in 5G adds compelling opportunities and new value chain opportunities,” reads the white paper’s  introduction.