Uptime Institute’s Orlando Dolojan: Fast-Tracks to Data Center Careers Will Help Skills Shortages

PORTLAND, OR — Orlando Dolojan joined Uptime Institute in 2014 as Director Client Engagement where his multi-disciplined technical and engineering background is a an strong asset. Dolojan has extensive background in power production design, construction, commissioning and operations from both the enterprise side with Bechtel Power Corporation as well as an extensive consulting background. At CapRE’s Second Annual Greater Portland Data Center Summit Dolojan delivered a Keynote Address titled “2018 Data Center New Challenges and/or Opportunities” based on finding Uptime’s latest market intelligence report. Below, we showcase some of the highlights of his remarks.

What Skillsets Are in Demand?

data center summit“There is a lot of similarity between the enterprise and the colos,” shared Dolojan. “The real challenge here is that enterprises need folks, but in the very niche markets where they are still growing. Financial and banks will never get rid of their data centers. even though they will move some of their applications as they are reviewed, into the cloud space.”

“Colos on the other hand, and enterprise, both need operations staff and networking experts,” he continued. “But here is the key and here is the advantage – if you think about the opportunity out there for both of these guys, most of them do not need a college education.”

Fast-Tracking the Future

According to Dolojan, that means that you can accelerate women and younger folks’ [entry in]to the business by not requiring a four-year degree. “But if you’re an engineer, a mechanical engineer, of course you need a four-year degree,” he qualified. “But again, the opportunity here is if you bring in someone that’s young enough, you can develop them. You can mentor them. And more importantly you can start looking at some of your junior colleges, which I’m looking into now with 7×24, who is initiating some discussions with junior colleges to develop a program to support what all of us in the room are looking at in the next fifteen to twenty years. developing the talent, creating the curriculum, to not only have women participate [more] but to have them develop and become a complete and holistic systems engineer for colocation.”

Outages and Downtime

Dolojan then shared that a third of respondents from the Uptime Institute’s latest market intel report have experienced a sever loss of IT delivery and deployment. “The other 44%, had their own outage or a service provider’s in the last three years. meaning that even their colos went down,” he explained. “One of the things that can help is, again, having a group of folks with like mind and like issues in the same foxhole, fighting the same battle every day, sharing ideas, sharing resolutions, and more importantly, having the networking ability to go and find someone who has gone through this before. Find a body, an organization, and probably, it’s going to be difficult, but help you join them.”

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Orlando Dolojan, Uptime Institute Providing “2018 Data Center New Challenges and/or Opportunities”, the Keynote for CapRE’s Second Annual Greater Portland Data Center Summit