Atlanta Set to Ride the Emerging Tech Wave, says Tracy Levine, Previewing CAPRE’s Atlanta Data Center Summit

ATLANTA, GA — Tracy Levine leads professionals in the Industry 4.0 business environment, and boasts a vast knowledge of people, business and the impact that emerging technologies like Blockchain, AI, IoT and 3D Printing have on businesses. She creates a level of awareness in coaching clients that significantly strengthens their ability to elevate their career. For over 20 years, her work has benefited thousands of professionals, including the placement of professionals at Clients including Public, Private, and Private Equity Firms in companies from the Fortune Global 500 to Mid-Market.

Tracy will be a featured speaker at CAPRE’s Atlanta Data Center Summit, on the panel “A DCIM Revolution: Trends in AI, Blockchain, and IoT in Management and Operations.” In anticipation, we connected with Tracy to learn about the perspective she will bring to the event, as well as the impact she foresees the “revolution” having on the mission critical space. 

CAPRE: Thanks for chatting with us today, Tracy. Please share with us how you ended up a part of the mission critical space.

Levine: My background has been in recruiting top talent. We started recruiting top talent many years ago, and in 2014, we were tasked with hiring a Senior Leader for an IoT company that was expanding to the UK.  This gave us a front row seat for what was coming, and how this technology would impact how disruptive technology businesses operate. It was easy to see how disruptive it’d be for the job market, and that most executive leadership didn’t understand the possibilities of these emerging technologies and how they work together.

CAPRE: Has that changed over time?

Levine: Well we conducted a massive study in 2018 where we called top executives and asked what they were doing to learn about emerging technologies. Less than 5% of respondents said they were doing anything at all. They were letting the IT people take control of that. Then we started to see people displaced by automation. Although that sounds horrible; what’s awesome about this knowledge age, is that people can pivot and make more money than they’ve ever made before. So we decided to start our Innovation Incubator Industry 4.0 (iii4.0).

CAPRE: Tell us about the professionals at your incubator.

Tracy Levine, CEO, Advantage Talent

Levine: We’ve invited people from Gen-Z all the way to the forgotten generation. It’s very diverse. Some people are technical professionals, and some are quickly upskilling to understand certain aspects of the technologies. Our goal is to facilitate professional relationships that challenge people to understand both technologies and business strategies, so that this group can innovate and create both efficiencies and growth and revenue.

CAPRE: What are you looking forward to about CAPRE’s Atlanta Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure Summit?

Levine: In my business, as career coaches and recruiters, we’re perpetual learners. It’s always exciting to hear top professionals share what’s coming down the pipeline, and the success stories about how they’re using this technology to create business and opportunities today. I am looking forward to hearing from the other experts on the panel.

CAPRE: How are emerging disruptive technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, 5G, and Machine Learning set to impact Atlanta?

Levine: I’m really excited for Atlanta. We actually moved our offices to be within walking distance of the Atlanta Tech Village and the TechRise center. We’re also close to the WeWork Mercedes Innovation Center Office and the Blockchain Council. There’s another WeWork office nearby, where Bing has an office. We’re seeing so much synergy between blockchain, machine learning, IoT, AI, etc. in Atlanta right now – it’s a very exciting time. Atlanta is really trying to encourage an innovation and technology center to stay at the forefront of the tech startup scene.

CAPRE: What approach or perspective will you be bringing to this panel?

Levine: What’s most exciting is that companies are moving away from using these technologies for only efficiency – or just using one or two technologies for minor growth of their business. Companies are starting to look at how to connect all of these together, and to use the technologies in a much bigger system to create things like the smart farms you see in manufacturing. Companies can bring that to every part of the process – finance, sales, and operations using these new technologies to create businesses and evergreen revenue. That’s the most exciting thing; all these new emerging technologies are being used together and can lead to businesses growth.

CAPRE: Last question — what’s the bottom line in emerging technologies?

Levine: The one thing everybody should keep in mind is that technology is going to touch everyone’s job. It’s not something that somebody else uses and does. I would encourage anybody who hasn’t done more than read an article or two about these technologies to really take a deeper dive, whether it’s to go to a conference or take a course online that’s offered by your corporation. So, when your company is looking for leaders to lead discussions around developing strategy for implementing new technology, you can have a seat at the table and meaningful insights.

CAPRE: Got it, we’ll see you in Atlanta!

Tracy Levine is the Chairwoman and CEO of Advantage Talent, Inc. Her insights have been featured on FOX, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Associated Press, Reuters and Forbes. She is heavily involved in the Atlanta Community and has founded numerous popular forums including Innovation Incubator Industry 4.0 (iii 4.0), Financial Executive Forum, Renaissance Executive Transition Forum and the Atlanta CFO Roundtable.

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