Svein Hagaseth on Green Peak Platform: Transparency Key to Client Satisfaction

Nov 6, 2017
by Josh Anderson

SANTA CLARA, CA — Svein Atle Hagaseth is the Senior Vice President for North America at Green Mountain Data Center, Ltd. With two data centers in Norway and plans to develop in other regions, Green Mountain Data Centers design, build, and operate high-security, robust wholesale colocation data centers that operate on 100% low-cost, renewable power and use free cooling, creating unique power efficiency. Both of Green Mountain’s data centers, DC1-Stavanger and DC2-Telemark, have achieved Uptime Institute Tier III certification as the only Nordic colocation provider. At CapRE’s recent Northern California Data Center Operations, Engineering and Architecture Workshop in Santa Clara, Hagaseth joined Jad Jebara of  Tuangru to provide a keynote presentation about Green Mountain’s award-winning use of data center infrastructure management (DCIM) platform, Green Peak. Below is the second in a series of transcriptions of that keynote (be sure to read the first part of that keynote).

“So how were we able to do this?” Hagaseth continued. “Well, we have about 12,500 censors on our equipment. We measure everything. Always. And that’s on all of our feeds, all racks, all cages, all batteries, everything. Everything is measured always. So we actually won an award for this system at the DCS Awards in 2017, as the Data Center Management Project of the year. We are of course very proud of that. That’s just the recognition that we’ve been doing this.”

Svein Hagaseth, Green Mountain Data Centers

“So in this data, you can drill down and see everything within any room,” he explained. “You can see the room temperature within a room, or within a cage, or within a rack. You can see the oxygen level within our data centers. In one of our data centers we have a hypoxy solution – we reduce the oxygen level so that it can’t start a fire. The oxygen level is at about 15.2%, which is about the threshold for health and the environment, but it’s like working at the 2,500 feet level. Sometimes it’s like that, sometimes it’s not like that, we have solutions with and without hypoxy.”

“So anyway, you can drill down to every kind of level. You can see the PUE on the room, the rack, the cage, each component that we deliver,” shared Hagaseth. “We also do environmental reporting. So, as I said, we are a carbon neutral data center provider, so when you buy services from us we make sure that we have the electricity certificates. The only thing that is not renewable within our data center is when we are doing a test of our diesel generators – and we have to make sure that we actually report back on that. But it shows what we’ve been using, and when we do this you can of course go down and take down a specific certificate for environmental analytics.”

“Now, I remember I was at a conference about six months ago, and someone similar to me got a question in regards to how you actually report on power usage and the cost of power,” Hagaseth recalled. “Because that’s how a lot of companies like me can add additional revenue. So we are of course 100% transparent in regards to how we report back to our clients. You can see the cost of power down to the cent. You can see the specific power usage on both the A and B feed. And you can break that down as well. This collects your power costs from the North Pole, which is the official stock of power in the Nordics. We are 100% transparent and we want to be 100% transparent in everything that we do. So, of course we also do SLA reporting, making sure that we actually deliver on that commitment.”

“What we see is that this is very well recognized by our client,” concluded Hagaseth. “They love the interface, because again it is 100% transparent. We make sure that everything is, always. And it’s a highly automated platform. Of course in order for us to survive and be competitive in Tier 1 market, we have to make sure that we not just deliver on costs and great service, we have to make sure that we’re also 100% transparent.”


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