Subaru of America Unveils New Headquarters in Camden, N.J.

May 4, 2018
by Justin Hughes

CAMDEN, N.J. — In late 2015 Subaru of America started construction of its new headquarters in Camden. Then we look to now and the brand new space is complete and ready to be utilized.

Keith Metzger, corporate real estate manager for Subaru of America, said, “It’s a 250,000 square-foot building, five stories. The beauty of it, among the many beauties of it is it’s going to house all of our employees under one roof. The idea is all of our folks are here in an open, bright, collaborative environment to just encourage that cross-fertilization of ideas and collaboration. Getting everybody together, that was really the main impudence of the new design.”

The first floor is comprised of a cafeteria, gym, and several conference rooms while floor two through five are dedicated to office space. Prior to this new headquarters, Subaru has had hundreds of employees dispersed among four buildings.

Metzger continued, “We were initially really impressed with our development partner, Brandywine Realty Trust, and their vision for the area. We wanted to be a part of what we think is a tidal wave of business growth in this area. And you know, we are one of the first that [came] here and it’s just going to continue going forward.”

The Subaru team expects to maintain the success they’ve experienced for the past 50 years in South Jersey and amp it up a notch or two in Camden.

Metzger went on to add, “It’s been wonderful. The city has embraced us with open arms, first Mayor Redd and now Mayor Moran. It’s just been very easy, seamless for us. That’s not always the case so we’re very thankful. We’re just thrilled to be here and we think we can bring great things to Camden and Camden can bring [great things] to us.”

Subaru will continue building even more adjacent to the new offices and they are optimistic about completing construction for a new national service training center by late summer. Currently, they have about 100 employees at the new space, but by mid-May they plan to have all 550 employees settled into their new Camden offices.

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