Stewart & Stevenson’s Patrick Herrley Previews CAPRE’s TX Data Center Summit

AUSTIN, TX — Stewart & Stevenson, founded in Houston in 1902, is a manufacturer and distributor of products and services for the oil and gas, marine, construction, power generation, transportation, mining and agricultural industries. They serve domestic and global markets with equipment, rental solutions, parts, and service through a strategic network of sales and service centers in domestic and international locations. Stewart & Stevenson is a sponsor of CAPRE’s Texas Data Center Summit next week. In preparation of the event, we connected with Patrick Herrley, a Senior Electrical Engineer at Stewart & Stevenson to showcase their value proposition and perspective on the Texas data center arena.

CAPRE: Thanks for chatting with us Patrick. Tell us about Stewart and Stevenson – what are your strengths as they relate to mission critical?

Herrley: Stewart and Stevenson is a distributor for MTU Rolls Royce power generation. We’re looking at the mission critical space, specifically data center apps. We have strong presence for standby generation in the U.S. market, as far as the emergency generation goes and we’re looking to grow our footprint. MTU Rolls Royce already has a strong presence and thru their distribution channel we’re looking to expand that. Our strengths revolve around a strong, reliable product as well as service and support through the data center channel.

CAPRE: What are you looking forward to about CAPRE’s upcoming Texas Data Center Summit?

Herrley: Networking is a big part of these events and we’re looking forward to getting in touch with people in the mission critical space, so that we can hopefully build some partnerships in the mission critical market. Partnerships within corporations are ultimately what’s going to be required to move toward faster and more reliable products and installations. Also looking forward to hearing about the biggest changes coming up in the space. We’re hoping to partner with like-minded people in this space, to strengthen the entire ecosystem through cooperation.

CAPRE: What trends are the most salient in the Texas data center industry?

Patrick Herrley, Senior Electrical Engineer, Stewart & Stevenson

Herrley: There is always room for growth in renewables, or possibly looking at something outside of just using diesel fuel as an emergency standby. A lot of emerging companies are looking at solar, wind, and micro grid installations, and they’re also looking at natural gas and possibly combined heat and power installations on mission critical.

CAPRE: Why should attendees at CAPRE’s Texas Data Center Summit stop by Stewart & Stevenson’s booth in Austin next week?

Herrley: Part of the data center is uptime and availability. RR and SS are both dedicated to supporting that, especially for emergency power. When you’re dealing with mission critical, reliability is of the critical important, and you need to align yourself with partners who are capable of making sure you can avoid downtime. We have a great reputation for meeting those requirements.

CAPRE: What makes the Texas data center arena unique? Why is it a critical place for a data center summit right now?

Herrley: The Texas market is really growing. Whether it’s Dallas-Ft. Worth or Houston, it’s a strong market for data centers, with many HQs here, and more coming. I don’t see that changing anytime in the next few years. It’s a good place to be and it’s a good place to know people in in the area.

CAPRE: Thank you for your time, Patrick. We’ll see you in Austin next week!

Hear more from Patrick at CAPRE’s Texas Data Center Summit: Cloud, Cybersecurity & the Future November 14, on the 1:30 pm – 2:15 pm panel discussion “Innovations in Power and Cooling: What Type of Advancements are we Seeing in Data Centers?”

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