Wave Business

Ethernet Transport
Business networks today handle real-time digital data transmission between multiple locations and data centers where low latency, reliability, and security are paramount.
Wave provides several scalable Ethernet configurations to help support these mission-critical business activities. With Wave, you can connect locations with dedicated Ethernet transport to share data and applications at rates up to 10 Gpbs.
When you need:
• Dedicated, set amount of high-bandwidth connectivity
• Secure connections with guaranteed up-time
• Scalable solutions that include burstable speeds
Why choose Wave:
• Blazing-fast Ethernet speeds through our 5,500+ mile, pure-fiber network
• We have a carrier-grade, industry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA)
• 24/7 live support in your own time zone
Wave’s Ethernet Transport services give you the security and service quality of a Layer 2 point-to-point or point-to-multipoint private network, together with the flexibility of Ethernet technology. All services can be automatically protected over Wave’s redundant network to minimize the impact of any service disruption. A single Ethernet port at each location is all you need to directly connect sites along the West Coast, sharing information between them as easily as over a local network.

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