HCI | Hydrotechnology Consultant Inc.

HCI, a 100% woman-owned company founded in 1994, specializes in the assessment, remediation and sustainable redevelopment of environmentally-impaired properties. We have remediated hundreds of sites, ranging from residential properties to large industrial facilities. Our expertise is sought after by attorneys for complex legal cases as well as by developers for fast-track brownfield redevelopments. Our competitive advantage lies in our dedication to innovation—ranging from the use of state-of-the-art remediation technologies to the application of client, project and knowledge management IT tools. HCI possesses a nimbleness unmatched in the industry and a depth of knowledge not found in firms of comparable size. Using proprietary IT tools and a novel management structure, HCI unlocks the potential of its employees and captures the depth and breadth of their experience, thereby incrementally increasing the intellectual capital of the firm. As our long-time clients will attest, HCI’s service is characterized by transparency, accountability and reliability. We never sacrifice quality for profitability and encourage our employees to develop creative, innovative solutions, rather than rely on low-tech, costly fixes.

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