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866.777.CORE Accelerate Your Digital Business in Northern Virginia CoreSite's Northern Virginia campus has native cloud access to all major cloud providers. Increase the performance capabilities of your system AND start saving money by configuring your IT infrastructure to utilize the best of colocation and cloud. Check out this eBook that outlines the performance and cost benefits of directly connecting your hybrid cloud solution. Deploy in Northern Virginia and Save For a limited time, CoreSite is offering new customers at our Northern Virginia campus up to $25,000 installation credit on their deployment, as well as a 6-month rent ramp. Eligible CoreSite customers can now take advantage of a 6% Virginia retail sales and use tax exemption toward the purchase of IT equipment at our Reston campus. See installation credit offer details Need more information? Learn more about our Northern Virginia Campus and the hyper-connected ecosystem. Ready to put this solution to work? Schedule a meeting to connect with our team today! ONE DATA CENTER PROVIDER. EVERYTHING YOU NEED. CoreSite, L.L.C. 1001 17th Street, Suite 500, Denver, CO 80202