Pete Marin


President & CEO, T5 Data Centers

As president of T5 Data Centers, Pete Marin is responsible for setting the overall strategy of the firm, capital management and maintaining client relationships. Pete’s broad reaching data center experience with multiple Fortune 100 companies gives him the unique perspective of being on the tenant (end-user) side of the table as well as on the landlord (provider) side of the table. Pete’s ability to bridge both sides of the relationship ensures that the “right” issues are addressed early in the process to make the culmination of the transaction an appealing one for all stake-holders. Pete’s understanding of the end-users’ needs has enabled T5 Data Centers to reduce project cycle-time and cost, which leads to successful relationships, and repeat business. Prior to T5 Data Centers, Pete was an executive vice president at The Staubach Company where he started and managed the National Contact & Data Center Practice for 13 of his 14 years at 
the firm and was recognized on a regular basis for his achievements at the firm. Pete holds a B.S. in Finance from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech).