Jeff Bertman


CTO and Lead Data Scientist/Engineer, Dfuse Technologies

Jeffrey Bertman is a “data everything” specialist with major success stories in small to large Fortune 500 and government organizations, including Warner Brothers, Verizon, AT&T, Geico, Airlines, CIGNA, DoD, DoJ, and Gov Intel. He serves as CTO and lead data scientist/engineer for Dfuse Technologies, a world class consultancy with a data boutique and nationwide footprints in commercial and government arenas, e.g., Google, Apple, Wells Fargo, Deloitte, DoD, Defense Health Agency, HHS, FDA, NIH, DoT, DoJ, and more.
From strategy through operations and mentoring, Mr. Bertman leverages leading edge technologies to deliver high yield success stories that actualize real world drivers, e.g., market share, revenue, profit, quality, security, efficiencies, effectiveness, etc.
Mr. Bertman is a popular speaker on a wide range of technical and management topics. Business disciplines include accounting/financials, marketing, sales, social media, digital platforms/transformation, legal, telecom, e-collaboration, health care, entertainment, manufacturing, distribution, and inventory management applications.