Giancarlo Salamanca Cadavid


Commercial Manager - Services & Technology, Group ZFB

Commercial Manager – Services & IT at Group ZFB, a group of 9 companies that build, operate and manage facilities and infrastructure for business and industrial parks in Colombia, including free trade zones.
I have been involved in the Telecommunications sector since 2004 working with the spanish company “Telefonica” and in 2010 joined the Group ZFB performing as New Project’s Director developing two Data Center facilities in Bogota’s Free Trade Zone with 14.639 sqft of white space and 2MWatts of installed capacity, been involved in the structuring, business modelling, promoting and funding of these DC’s that are now fully occupied with european and latinamerican companies. Now as the Services and Commercial Manager I have under my team the new Data Center Zetta’s Project Manager, and have been involved in the process of design, business development and promotion of it.
My academic background is Industrial Engineer, specialist in project’s evaluation, PMP project manager certified and currently I´m studying and MBA focused on Digital Transformation at Politecnico di Milan’s Business School of Management.