Senator Tim Kaine Kicks off Re-Election Campaign with Stop at RagingWires VA3 Data Center

Apr 10, 2018
by Josh Anderson

ASHBURN, VA — Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) began his re-election campaign with a tour across Virginia, most notably including a jobs roundtable at RagingWire Data Centers’ newest facility, VA3, in Ashburn, VA.

Sen. Kaine said, “The theme of my campaign is a Virginia that works for all. And the pillars of the campaign are jobs for all, healthcare for all, education for all, security for all, equality for all. These data centers are pretty dependent on electricians.” He went on to say that the country has “done a disservice to young people by telling them it’s got to be college. The power of career and technical training is really important, and we have to raise the respect level and even the incentivization.”

The discussion at the core of one of Loudoun’s newest and most advanced data centers navigated strongly toward jobs and education. Sen. Kaine said when he joined the Senate Committee on Health, Education and Labor, there was little consideration given to career and technical education. He said that this touches even high-tech, highly-educated sectors like data centers: such as RagingWire’s VA3, which when occupied with server racks will use about 16 megawatts of power, about enough energy to power about 4,000 homes.

data center summitAnne Holten, Sen. Kaine’s wife, a former state Secretary of Education and a current member of the state Board of Education, called on business leaders to assist in training young people to complete the skilled jobs those businesses need finished. Holton said, “We’re giving them more flexibility, but also higher expectations that they’re not going to be able to meet without effective partnerships with the business community.”

Sen. Kaine also discussed the need for infrastructure investment, placing it as a realm where bipartisan agreements could be reached. He did note how skeptical of public-private partnerships that lean heavily on the private sector. Sen. Kaine said, “If the feds do not choose to invest heavily, we’re not going to have the kind of infrastructure we need. That is important not only to our businesses, but it’s also important to your quality of life.”

Sen. Kaine also linked immigration policy to jobs, arguing immigration “is about fairness, but is also heavily about the economy. Sen. Kaine took questions with state Attorney General Mark Herring who said, “Unfortunately, sometimes making improvements and fighting for things like education and healthcare and meeting the transportati on needs, sometimes means- and lately it seems more often – trying to fight off some counterproductive ideas that are coming out of the White House or the Congress.” A number of state attorney generals like Herring have taken the administration to court over various policies.

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