RagingWire’s Jim Leach on How and Why Global Matters

CHICAGO, Illinois – Recent developments in our industry, such as the flight to cloud and legal requirements regarding data privacy, regarding where data lives and how it travels, have led many industry insiders to ask “Does global even matter?” Or perhaps instead, should we keep our eyes peels for an explosion of the edge data center? Or are we going to see the big guys building in each country? No one can say for sure, but James Leach, Vice President of Marketing at RagingWire Data Centers has some guidance on how to go about thinking about this issue.

RagingWire’s James Leach

“We definitely think that global matters,” says Leach. “The nature of the demand for data centers is a global demand. Because the applications we all use are used all around the world – it’s fundamental to that.” However, Leach says that the interesting thing to think about is, well, if global does matter, then how does it matter? What will the impact be?

Leach makes a couple of points that might not be particularly obvious to many of us. One is that we have a bit of a bias here toward Europe. “We think about Europe when we think about global. That’s just our bias in the United States,” explains Leach. “Actually, the number two global market is Asia and the Pacific. If the United States is the largest at 40 something percent, Asia/Pac is next in the 30s. So we think Asia and the Pacific is really important.”

The second thing to think about when you start digging around in global, according to Leach, is the how and why of it. “Because we have some interesting kinds of strategies that are rolling out globally,” he begins. “Digital Realty is more of a real estate oriented model for data centers globally. Or Equinix can tell you about their interconnection model, which is rolling out all around the world. What Raging Wire is doing with NTT is more of an IT-oriented global model. Which makes sense for us, because not only do we have 140 data centers in 19 countries and regions, but we also have a big IT services portfolio, because NTT is kind of the IBM of Asia.”

So the bottom line for Leach is that if you want to think about answering the question of does global matter, the answer is yes. But and it will matter more and more over time, and it would be a disservice to your firm if you don’t go one layer deeper. Think about what Asia and the Pacific can mean for your business, but also think about the global strategies that other companies are rolling out to figure out the how and why of “global.”

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