Q&A with James Staten: What Will Equinix’s Next Acquisition Be?

Apr 10, 2018
by Josh Anderson

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — James Staten is the Global Head of Market Development for Equinix. James leads the Equinix efforts to identify and activate vertical markets, and drive rich customer engagements around digital edge computing and multi-cloud Interconnection. Prior to Equinix, James was the GM & Chief Strategist for Microsoft Azure. He brings 25+ years of enterprise cloud and technology experience to the company as a former CMO, product manager and strategist, industry analyst and technology journalist. At CapRE’s Northern California Data Center Summit on February 20, James participated in a Q&A titled “Up-Close with Equinix” moderated by Victaulic’s Don Mitchell. Below is a highlight of that conversation.

Mitchell: There was a lot of discussion on acquisitions earlier today. The way we’re talking today, is Equinix’s next acquisition going to be of a McKinsey type company, one 3that can counsel their customers? Or do you already have a relationship like that, and have somewhere that you’d recommend people go? I don’t normally think that people really see the data center provider as the answer for some of these questions, even though you’re a part of the equation. Does that make sense?

Staten: Yeah, that is a good question. And we do have relationships with some of the largest global systems integrators that have security practices specifically in these areas. One of the things that we’ve done, not specifically to GDPR but to help everyone implement their data center architecture and security the best, is that we have created a knowledgebase. It’s called the Interconnection-Oriented Architecture Knowledgebase. And you can actually find it publicly available today at

In there you will find best-practice documents that help you to understand how to architect your applications to take advantage of interconnection capabilities, multiple metros, digital edge architectures, so that your applications will meet the security compliance that’s required. They will be trackable. They will be manageable. And they will reduce the return on investment.

And one of the things that we’re also doing in the knowledgebase is encouraging our partners, encouraging our customers, and encouraging even our competitors, to come in and take those blueprints and modify them to say, For this kind of an application, here is how we’ll modify it. For this kind of application, for this kind of compliance – here’s where we hope we’ll see our competitors say – If we want to be GDPR-compliant, here’s the blueprint to do it. So if any of you have expertise in that area and want to be the authors of that blueprint, we would love that. And it’s independent of Equinix. It’s a stand-alone community.

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Equinix’s James Staten and Victaulic’s Donald Mitchell participating in CAPRE’s 7th Annual Northern California Data Center Summit, held on February 20, 2018.
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