Q&A with BTECH’s Larry Baker: The Bottom Line in the Battery Monitoring Game is Confidence

ROCKAWAY, NJ — Larry Baker is a Director at BTECH, where he focuses on expanding BTECH’s presence in the data center, industrial, wireless communications and utility business sectors. BTECH, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of battery validation and monitoring equipment with a history of over 25 years of innovation. Mr. Baker is a graduate of Purdue University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and a Master of Science in Management. He has 30 years of experience in the electronics manufacturing industry, including process engineering, product management, supply chain management and sales and marketing management. During his career he has lead global teams at large multi-national companies and has been an investor and core management team member at early stage and start-up companies. In anticipation of CapRE’s 2018 Data Center Summit Series, we connected with Larry to learn more about BTECH’s and the role of battery monitoring systems in the data center arena.

CapRE: Thanks for chatting with us today, Larry. Please tell us a bit about BTECH and what you can offer the data center industry.

Larry Baker, Director, BTECH

Baker: We’re really focused on trying to get further penetration into the data center industry with battery monitoring. We believe there’s a lot of value in data center operations. So we are trying to tell the story that when it comes to hardware, the data and information provided by battery monitoring can be a big benefit, making their operations more efficient and reliable. Data centers have a lot of money invested in batteries and UPS and they need that reliability. So that’s where battery monitoring comes in, to help with that.

CapRE: What are you focusing on as we head into 2018?

Baker: The biggest thing right now is growth. Everyone is putting in more sites, more locations. And really what they need – and are banking on — is operational consistency. They’ve got a model, they’re going out there, deploying it in various locations around the world. And as part of that, they have an investment in reserve power and batteries. So that is one of the areas where they may suffer the most in terms of operational consistency. That’s where we come in – we can help with that. And make sure that these critical assets they’ve invested in will work for them the same across all of their locations. We’re all aware of the phenomenal growth in that market.

CapRE: Since you have some from other markets, what are some lessons you can share from them, that you could apply to the data center arena?

Baker: That we can provide a complete solution. Whether providing one to the consumer so they have their needs met, or in the B2B world that integrates a solution into operations, that’s what we do. We try to provide that complete solution. It’s more than just a moxy system in the power room with a red light and green light. We use data to really help operations.

CapRE: Please tell us about the regions you’re most active in.

Baker: Well, the U.S. is our biggest market. Europe is starting to blow up though. We are seeing further growth in Asia as well. As we see less of the enterprise data center and more of the multi-tenant, that’s where we are seeing growth, especially in the U.S. over the last few years.

CapRE: What are you most looking forward to about CapRE’s 2018 data center series?

Baker: I look forward to connecting with operators and finance people — to tell our story, share our successes. Because with the growth we’re seeing right now, by all of these large companies and the additional sites they’re putting up, it’s a big challenge for operations people to get data centers from construction to operation and generating revenue. It’s also a challenge making sure that they operate the way they want to, to get the returns they want. The UPS and the batteries are a huge expense, and it can be an ongoing maintenance nightmare, which impacts the reliability of each and every site. So I look forward to getting to those operations managers and financial people to tell them our story, about our efficiencies, about savings, and our total cost solution for managing reserved power – what it looks like and how it can benefit them over the long term.

CapRE: And what’s the last word on battery monitoring?

Baker: I think that confidence is the bottom line. We are trying to provide confidence in a lot of areas – confidence that your systems are going to perform, confidence that you’ll have a reliable data center, and confidence that your operations are running the same at all of your locations.

BTECH Inc. manufactures Battery Monitoring systems. BTECH’s products are designed to predict battery failures before they occur. The products are designed for any battery type and application. The world’s leading companies rely on BTECH to make sure their mission critical DC plants will operate when needed. BTECH also provides field services (install/startup/training) remote monitoring services, maintenance, testing and technical support.