Prince William County May Raise Data Center Tax Rates

MANASSAS, VA — & are first reporting that The Board of County Supervisors for Prince William County, VA is considering raising the county’s tax rate for data centers. On April 17, the board will hold a special meeting discuss the issue.

The increase is being proposed by At-large Chair Corey Stewart, who is not seeking re-election this year. He believes the board should consider increasing the tax rate for tangible personal property regarding programmable computer equipment and peripherals. The rate is currently set at $1.25 USD per $100 USD of assessed value. Stewart attempted to triple the tax rate in 2018, but was unsuccessful. He also pledged in February to not propose an increase in the county’s tax rate on data centers in 2019.

According to the report, Supervisor Pete Candland, R-Gainesville, said that if Prince William County increased the data center tax by 25 cents to $1.50 per $100 assessed value, the county could see an additional $6 million in revenue. If the meeting on April 17 moves affirmatively in the direction of raising the rate, then the next step will be a public hearing for 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 30.

This is furthermore an interesting turn of events for other reasons. Just in December of 2018, Prince William County supervisors were praising a pair of new data centers located in the county’s Innovation Park, as well as broadcasting support for the lowest rates in Northern Virginia.

“By providing a designated Data Center Opportunity Zone and positive business climate for high-caliber enterprise, the county provides an ideal environment that stimulates commercial growth which benefits businesses and residents alike,” said Jeanine Lawson, Brentsville District Supervisor around that time.