Pioneers Begin “Bitsclub Vision Program” to Create Link of Classical Industry and Blockchain

Aug 6, 2018
by Justin Hughes

BEIJING — Hitters XU, founder of Bitsclub and Nebulas, broadcast the start of the “Bitsclub Vision Program” (BVP) together with SB China Venture Capital (SBCVC) partner Dr. Ye Zhou, Danhua Capital (DHVC) Vice President Dr. Yang Yan, Oneboat Capital founder Chang Li and Odaily founder Mandy Wang in Shanghai. BVP looks to create a seamless connection between classical industry and blockchain. This will familiarize new quality users to the blockchain industry thereby building a healthy industry ecosystem.

data center summitTo remedy any perceived challenges, Bitsclub, the first angel club focusing on cryptocurrency, digital asset and blockchains in China, together with senior blockchain experts, investment institutions as well as industry media began the Bitsclub Vision Program. BVP will support qualified projects in business consultation, technical guidance, financing planning and media channels. BVP will rely on Atlas Protocol which is a standard protocol for defining marketing interactions among audiences. This will provide the most effective analysis of data and interactions.

Atlas Protocol will help solve the problem of information asymmetry which will facilitate the transformation of classical industries, drive the paradigm shift and in return generate new value to the industry. The founders of BVP are formed by world renowned entrepreneurs and leading organizations of the blockchain industry who span the entire industrial chain.

Founding President of DHVC Professor Shoucheng Zhang indicated with a press release that BVP will focus on high-quality projects with stable users and mature business models to promote to the development of blockchain technology, explore more application fields, and break through the barrier between classical industries and blockchain industry to promote healthy and sustainable growth of blockchain.

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