Oracle to Make Mega-Expansion Across Globe with 12 Cloud Data Centers, Announces New SLA Guarantee & AI Advancements

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Feb 13, 2018
by Josh Anderson

NEW YORK, NY — Monday was a big day for Oracle. In a series of major announcements, they made clear that they are aggressively expanding and enhancing their service offerings. The most significant announcement revealed that they will expand their modern cloud infrastructure footprint with a dozen new data center regions across Asia, Europe, and the Americas. At the same time, Oracle plans to offer new services in security, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. Oracle’s cloud footprint will now include China, India, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and South Korea in Asia; Amsterdam and Switzerland in Europe; as well a quartet of North American regions — a pair of Canada and another in the United States.

“The future of IT is autonomous. With our expanded, modern data centers, Oracle is uniquely suited to deliver the most autonomous technologies in the world,” said Oracle CEO Mark Hurd in a press release on Oracle’s website. “As we invest, our margins will continue to expand. And with our global data center expansion, we are able to help customers lower IT costs, mitigate risks and compete like they never have before.”

Oracle also announced what they are calling the cloud computing industry’s strongest and most comprehensive guarantee for clients. The industry’s first end-to-end financially backed cloud warranty for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) guarantees that Oracle will deliver more than 90 percent of published performance every day in a given month. If it falls below that level for even as few as 44 minutes a month, customers may claim service credits according to Oracle’s terms of service.

“No cloud provider in the world can match what Oracle guarantees,” said Thomas Kurian, President of Product Development, Oracle. “Our competitors offer narrow commitments and countless exclusions in fine print while Oracle’s SLAs deliver an industry first: guaranteed performance, manageability and availability in the cloud.”

“Customers expect service level commitments for uptime to mean that their applications are not only available, but manageable and performing as expected, regardless of where that application may be located,” added Al Gillen, GVP, Software Development and Open Source, IDC. “Unfortunately, many cloud SLAs don’t make that broad commitment. Oracle’s revised SLAs provide customers the guarantees they need to allow them to run mission-critical enterprise applications in cloud environments with confidence.”

Finally, Oracle’s third update announced major advances in Oracle’s goals of making all of their cloud services self-driving, self-securing and self-repairing via artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The Oracle Autonomous Database will be available in 2018, including Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud Service for analytics, Oracle Autonomous Database OLTP for transactional and mixed workloads, and Oracle Autonomous NoSQL Database for fast, massive-scale reads and writes, while Oracle Cloud Platform autonomous capabilities for application development, mobile and bots, integration, analytics, security and system management, are scheduled to be available in the first half of 2018.


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