NVIDIA DGX-Ready Program Goes Global, Doubles Colocation Partners

SANTA CLARA, CA — To help businesses deploy AI infrastructure to power their most important opportunities, Nvidia’s DGX-Ready Data Center program is going global, adding new services that will help organizations accelerate their progress as well as doubling the number of Nvidia colocation partners.

Tony Paikeday, Director of Product Marketing for the NVIDIA DGX Portfolio of AI Supercomputers and NVIDIA’s Accelerated Data Science Platform

“We’ve added to the program three new partners in Europe, five in Asia and two in North America. With these additions, customers now have access to a global network of 19 validated partners around the world,” writes Tony Paikeday, Director of Product Marketing for the NVIDIA DGX portfolio of AI supercomputers and NVIDIA’s Accelerated Data Science Platform in a blogpost announcing the news. “DGX-Ready Data Center partners help companies access modern data center facilities for their AI infrastructure. They offer world-class facilities to host DGX AI compute infrastructure, giving more organizations access to AI-ready data center facilities while saving on capital expenditures and keeping operational costs low.”

In addition to access to a world-class data center, the DGX-Ready Data Center program offers services that can reduce the risks of new infrastructure investment. Additionally, select partners offer GPU-as-a-service options that let businesses access DGX-powered compute in an affordable model, without committing to a full system. The DGX-Ready Data Center program is now available in 24 markets, which includes Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Peru, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States — with more coming soon.

Cyxtera Technologies is one operator joining the NVIDIA DGX-Ready Data Center program to enable AI workloads for NVIDIA DGX Systems customers. The program will bring NVIDIA DGX-Ready Data Center colocation services to Cyxtera’s hybrid-ready information security fabric and global footprint of 57 world-class data centers. “AI applications are skyrocketing, which is creating a need for exponentially more computational power,” said Randy Rowland, Cyxtera’s President for Data Center Services in a press release of their own. “We have partnered with NVIDIA to ensure that enterprises have access to the data center resources they need to quickly take advantage of AI while avoiding many of the challenges of infrastructure planning that can delay implementation.”

Vantage Data Centers also joined. The program enables Vantage, with its portfolio of current and planned facilities across North America, to help organizations deploying NVIDIA artificial intelligence (AI) systems scale their infrastructure to support machine learning and AI initiatives. “Vantage’s facilities are purpose-built to power and cool high-density GPU clusters for applications such as machine learning and AI,” said Mark Freeman, vice president of marketing, Vantage Data Centers. “In addition, we have implemented efficient, flexible designs that allow us to scale quickly as demand from leading-edge applications like these increases.”

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