NTT Communications Opens Nexcenter Lab in Tokyo

TOKYO, JAPAN — NTT Communications Corporation has launched the Nexcenter Lab program in Tokyo to promote open innovation in partnership with participating companies. The program provides PoC environments for the development and testing of new businesses and services focused on digital transformation (DX), utilizing the latest services and next-generation technologies of NTT Com’s IT partners. The program is available at two of NTT Com’s Nexcenter data centers in Tokyo.

The program aims to enable participants to test and verify their latest technologies and services with the aim of taking these offerings to market at an accelerated pace. They will have access to ICT environments where extra-high-heat servers such as GPU can be used, as well as advanced services of NTT Com and partner companies, such as hybrid cloud, AI and IoT, which can be combined to verify technologies such as deep learning and blockchain. NTT Com will provide connection to its public cloud, free use of server racks in data centers, free use of its Enterprise Cloud service, and more. Participants will have access to:

  • Japan’s first rack-type high-reliability air conditioning system, capable of cooling extra-high-heat GPU servers with more than 30kW per rack
  • High-voltage DC power supply system (HVDC)
  • Network services for major three IX connections and public cloud connections
  • Partner-sponsored services, including cloud services, ICT devices, SaaS free accounts, etc.

NTT Com will implement a variety of initiatives for co-creation among participating partners and clients, and support open innovation based on the ecosystem that will be established through the program. For example, NTT Com will create opportunities for co-creation among participating companies by providing portals to search activities being undertaken by each company in the program. NTT Com will also organize seminars conducted by experts and summits gathering partner companies. In addition, NTT Com will support the efforts of participating companies by sharing case studies, such as the joint implementation of PoC, as well as connect companies with various services.

“Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd. welcomes and agrees with the deployment of NTT Com’s Nexcenter Lab. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) proposes Memory-Driven Computing (MDC) as one of the means for customers to realize DX,” said Takeshi Igarashi, Director of Hybrid IT at Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd. “HPE announced the launch of an incubation practice with specialized skills through MDC, leveraging the expertise of Hewlett Packard Labs. We support to explore MDC applications and deliver proofs-of-concept that will demonstrate dramatic performance gains never before possible in Nexcenter Lab.”

“We sincerely welcome the launch of the Nexcenter Lab by NTT Com. As demand continues to accelerate for new technologies such as AI, IoT and 3DCG which require ever-increasing Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) power, it has become imperative to develop a data center such as NTT Com’s that can handle a large number of GPU servers,” added Yukinori Kusaka, Senior Director for NTT Sales at Dell EMC (EMC Japan K.K.). “Dell EMC is pleased to have contributed to the Nexcenter Lab’s server and cooling-system infrastructure, which will enable all customers to use GPU power efficiently. We look forward to the Nexcenter Lab supporting the development and introduction of next-generation services for customers.”

Going forward, NTT Com will further enrich the program through partnerships with companies from various industries as well as existing partners in IT and other industries. NTT Com also plans to expand the program into the Osaka area in Japan as well as into Thailand globally.