Netmagic Starts Two Data centers with $144 Million Investment from NTT Com

Jul 30, 2018
by Justin Hughes

Bangalore — Netmagic, a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) and a major cloud and managed IT services provider in India, began two new high density and hyperscale data centers in Mumbai (DC 6) with 2,750 rack capacity and Bangalore (DC 3) with 1,500 rack capacity.

With these two new data centers, Netmagic has a combined nine data centers in India with six situated in Mumbai and three in Bangalore. Overall, these two new facilities will extend NTT Com’s data center capacity (server room) in India by 70 percent. The parent company, NTT Com, invested $144 million in setting up these two new facilities.

data center summitTakanobu Maeda, SVP – Global Business, Member of the Board, NTT Communications Corporation, said in a statement, “These facilities are a part of our Nexcenter brand of Global data center services providing end-to-end ICT solutions combining data center/cloud, network and managed services, thereby, capitalizing on the trend of enterprises’ migrating their on-premise systems to the cloud.”

Netmagic has about 1000 customers and is one of the oldest cloud services providers in India, and the Mumbai based company is at 20 years in the data center business. Netmagic’s MD and CEO Sharad Sanghi positioned their data centers from operational aspects rather than just the design.

Sanghi said, “We benchmark our data centers on very stringent requirements not only from NTT Group worldwide but also from the customers’ requirements. So all our data centers are Nexcenter certified and this doesn’t necessarily or directly co-relate with Tier III or Tier IV but obviously has the basic design principles of resiliency, no single point of failure, concurring maintainability and lots of other such features.”

Among customers, many are white labelled cloud resellers that utilize Netmagic’s cloud offerings as the foundation to offer cloud services under their brand names. A significant amount of Netmagic’s overall cloud business is driven through resellers and partners.

Sanghi added, “If we take our global hyperscalers as an example, which is using our facility where are not mentioning our name and that would be a very significant portion of some of our new business. Overall, 42 percent of our business is co-location while 58 percent is cloud and managed services. Of the 42 percent a large chunk would those types of customers (resellers and partners).”

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