Montréal Data Center Insiders Talk End-Users: Data Fabric is a Gamechanger

Apr 10, 2018
by Josh Anderson

MONTRÉAL, QUÉBEC — At CapRE’s recent Montréal Data Center Summit, a group of data center insiders from around Québec convened for a panel titled The End-User Approach to On-Prem, Hybrid, Private Cloud, Public Cloud, and Tomorrow’s Compute Needs and Initiatives. Halfway through the discussion, Moderator Mike Segal, International Business Development for ROOT Data Center asked the panelists to characterize the latest trends they’ve seen in cloud security.

“From a security standpoint, traditionally in the data center colocation business, most clients might seek something like PCI compliance if they’re doing payment processing,” Segal offered. “Or, a lot of clients like SSA-16, SAS 70, maybe even ISO 27000. What kind of demands are you seeing with regards to public cloud, private cloud, managed hosting, and colocation?”

Cédric Combey, Vice-President, Linkbynet Managed Services

Cédric Combey, Vice President, Linkbynet Managed Services pointed to one trend that none of us can ignore. “What we have seen for a couple of months now is that there is a new kind of buzzword merging. And that buzzword is data fabric,” he offered. “With the emergence of hybrid solutions, people are worried about, Where is my data? Now that they’re at the point of putting data everywhere, maybe in different cloud vendors, or in colocation and on-premise, or in geographic areas, there is a true logic to be built. And this logic is called data fabric.”

“Where is my data in these different geographic areas and different cloud providers? And how do I ensure that there will be no breach in that data? in the off-chance that there is a breach in my data somewhere, how do I ensure that the loss of data I’ll face won’t endanger my business?” Combey mused.

In other words, data fabric is more than just a buzzword.  It’s becoming a technology that everybody is talking about. “I’m pretty sure that at IBM, data fabric is something they’re looking at, right?” he asked a fellow panelist.

Randy Milthorpe, Cloud Platform – Canada & Caribbean, IBM then chimed in to confirm that. “Yes, it’s absolutely critical,” he responded. “I mean, you can read on the internet, on our public website, about our data privacy statement. We are, I think the only major cloud provider that has no handed data over to the US government and we are very strict about that.”

“Our CEO sits on Mr. Trump’s panel, for good or for bad,” Milthorpe revealed. “The good being that we can deal with those types of challenges face to face with that character. But the point is that data privacy is absolutely fundamental to our approach with our customers. We will not reveal it.”

Milthrope then zoomed out for some perspective. “When you look at all of the data compliance issues around the world, they’re a mess,” he observed. “One of IBM’s greatest strengths is our industry knowledge, in many geographies around the world. We have 400,000 employees involved in many industries, with a lot of experience dealing with regulatory challenges and compliance challenges.”

“The GDPR is on the cusp right now with so many of our clients, and we’re GDPR-ready,” he commented. “I’ve got healthcare delivery software companies running on our cloud, delivering on clinical-floor healthcare delivery capabilities in many geographies around the world, and personal health information, you can’t get more politically sensitive than that. We take it very seriously and we work very hard with our customers to help then ensure they can meet those standards.”

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