Microsoft Grows and Strengthens Azure Footprint in Australia By Enhancing Government Service

Apr 3, 2018
by Josh Anderson

CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA — Microsoft has opened two additional Microsoft Azure regions in Australia with the purpose of delivering cloud services designed to address Australian and New Zealand governmental requests, while also announcing a partnership with Canberra Data Centers who will serve end-users with Microsoft’s Azure ExpressRoute technology. The developments will largely offer improved security protection and network reliability.

Azure’s Regions offer their clients a way to place data and capacity as close in proximity to their end-users as possible. This news comes on the heels of news from the past couple of months that Azure’s Availability Zones in are live in two regions; their Germany and Switzerland data centers are open for business; and their cloud sites in the Middle East are also online. The Regions are expected to address customers issues regarding latency, bandwidth costs, and regulatory.

Tom Keane, Head of global infrastructure at Microsoft Azure, said that the Australian expansion offers greater flexibility and “surety on network performance and security”, which will allow Australian federal government customers to leverage their Intra-Government Communications Network (ICON) for direct connectivity.

“To support the mission-critical work of crucial organizations in Australia and New Zealand, we’re delivering our global cloud platform through a unique partnership with Canberra Data Centres. A key to our new Australia Central regions is the ability for customers to deploy their own applications and infrastructure within Australian-owned Canberra Data Centres directly connected via Azure ExpressRoute to Microsoft’s global network,” added Keane.

Keane described how other global providers are limited to only one Australian location, while Azure is offered by Microsoft to three cities in Australia which include Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, connecting to Perth, Brisbane and Auckland, New Zealand. “We understand it is essential for critical national infrastructure to have disaster resilience options that can distribute data to multiple regions without compromising on retaining data residency within Australian borders,” said Keane.

This news underscores the recent project undertaken by The Victorian Supreme Court in Australia, which is aimed at a digital transformation of their local court communication. The Supreme Court will utilize Azure to connect all 34 courtrooms and underpin a digital case management solution while streamlining and increasing the overall speed of the judicial process.

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