Microsoft Announces 3 Arizona Data Centers

EL MIRAGE, AZ — Microsoft has announced that they will develop three new data centers in Arizona, in the municipalities of El Mirage and Goodyear (which has already seen an influx of data center activity in recent months by other major data center names such as Compass Data Centers and Vantage Data Centers). Microsoft plans for the data centers to be among the most sustainable campuses on the planet, and they will be powered with 100 percent renewable energy.

“Arizona has been increasingly embracing the technology industry with a pool of growing talent, an affordable quality of life for employees, and as many 200 as sunny days a year making it an ideal location for investing in data centers and solar power,” said Brian Janous, General Manager of Energy and Sustainability for Microsoft at the news conference announcing the plans,.

“This is big news for both the West Valley and the entire State of Arizona,” said Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, who was also in attendance.. “When a global leader like Microsoft chooses to invest hundreds of millions of dollars into three cutting-edge data center operations in our communities, we know our work to create the best environment for innovative businesses is paying off.”

Brian Janous, General Manager for Energy and Sustainability, Microsoft

“Microsoft is committed to using the power of our technology and working with partners across the globe for a more sustainable future,” Janous continued, as quoted by AZ Big Media, who covered the announcement in depth. “And we’ve been investing in reducing the environmental impact of our operations for over a decade, we made our first purchase of renewable energy in 2013 and we followed that with formal commitments in 2016 to reach 50 percent renewable last year which we achieved; 60 percent renewable this year, which we’ve also achieved. And we’ve set a new target for ourselves: 70 percent renewable by 2023, which we expect to achieve and ultimately surpass.”

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