Mesosphere Brings DC/OS to the Edge With Major Enhancements

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Mar 9, 2018
by Josh Anderson

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Mesosphere, the creators of DC/OS, a platform for building and running data-intensive, containerized applications — has released Mesosphere DC/OS 1.11. This release enables edge and multi-cloud operations by intelligently pooling resources, scheduling a broad range of workloads, and managing dynamic, distributed infrastructure from a single management interface. Mesosphere’s clients, such as athenahealth and Royal Caribbean, will enjoy the automates of underlying infrastructure that DC/OS 1.11 brings. Teams will now be able to high-value services, like personalized experiences, machine learning, and IoT applications, faster and more efficiently.

“As we’ve seen from our customer base of Global 1000 companies, the enterprise has a tremendous opportunity in front of them: take control of their data, a business’ greatest asset, and turn it into insight and actions that drive profit and growth,” said Florian Leibert, Mesosphere’s Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder. “DC/OS provides the platform to power real-time, data-driven applications, like those for connected cars, personalized experiences, and machine learning, all with the right infrastructure on your terms.”

According to a company press release, DC/OS 1.11’s major features include the following:

  • Edge and multi-cloud federation: A single DC/OS interface can be linked to multiple clusters for consistent management. A DC/OS cluster can also stretch beyond local nodes, which means remote offices or edge infrastructures can have minimal footprint.
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery: Deliver highly available services using fault domains to enable services that are resistant to outages within racks, availability zones or even cloud regions.
  • Cloud bursting: Easily add or remove remote capacity to on-premise clusters from regional data centers or public clouds to accommodate rapid demand spikes and optimize infrastructure utilization.
  • Control plane: a new unified control plane to enable seamless edge and multi-cloud operations. This consistent management experience, on-premise or at the edge, enables business continuity, disaster recovery, and cloud-bursting capabilities.
  • Simplified deployment: DC/OS 1.11 greatly simplifies the deployment and management of hybrid and multi-cloud operations. DC/OS can span multiple cloud environments so workloads can be deployed to cloud X or cloud Y automatically.
  • Kubernetes: Production Kubernetes-as-a-Service on DC/OS is also now generally available with one click.
  • Multi-layer security: The release also adds multi-layer security features to help secure the entire application stack, including data pipelines.
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