Liqid Unveils Composable Data Center Infrastructure Platform

HOPKINGTON, MA — Liqid, provider of the world’s most-comprehensive composable data center infrastructure solutions and services, has collaborated with Dell Technologies OEM & IoT Solutions to provide composable infrastructure solutions to enterprises across geographies and verticals.

“AI workloads represent a highly uneven series of compute processes in which data is moved from one system to the next depending on the task, with resources sitting idle much of the time. The cost associated with these architectural inefficiencies can make AI, edge computing, and other economy-driving technologies unsustainable for many users,” said Sumit Puri, CEO and Cofounder, Liqid. “We are proud to work with Dell Technologies OEM & IoT Solutions to provide solutions based on our respective, award-winning technologies, delivering composable infrastructure that permit users to utilize a single, comprehensive, adaptive platform to increase utilization by at least 2-3X and reduce the data center footprint for high-value applications.”

Coupled with the award-winning Dell EMC PowerEdge portfolio, Liqid delivers software-defined, composable resource allocation via Liqid’s ultra-low-latency, intelligent fabric to ensure significant increases in data agility, capacity and bandwidth. Leveraging pools of disaggregated GPUs, FPGAs, CPUs, NVMe storage and Intel® Optane [TM] memory extension technologies, IT users can orchestrate balanced systems for each AI phase of data ingest, cleaning/tagging, training, and inference, while minimizing the data center footprint.

“Many organizations are looking for ways to integrate AI and machine learning into their IT infrastructure while avoiding the hardware sprawl and inefficiencies that often come with it,” said Ron Pugh, Vice President, Dell Technologies OEM & IoT Solutions. “Liqid now can provide its composable solutions for AI, based on trusted Dell EMC PowerEdge infrastructure and support, for IT users seeking to improve utilization and efficiency for data-intensive applications.”

IT users can easily onboard additional disaggregated resources through Dell EMC as their data center needs change, making composable Liqid and Dell Technologies OEM ideal for hybrid architectures that span on-premises, cloud, edge, and other compute environments.

About Liqid: Liqid provides the world’s most comprehensive software-defined composable infrastructure platform. The Liqid Composable platform empowers users to manage, scale, and configure physical, bare-metal server systems in seconds and then reallocate core data center devices on-demand as workflows and business needs evolve. Liqid Command Center software enables users to dynamically right-size their IT resources on-the-fly.