Lenovo Launches Digital Transformation Consulting Service in China

BEIJING, CHINA – Lenovo has officially launched Lenovo Consulting, its digital transformation consulting services. This move provides Lenovo opportunities to enable customers to immediately gain more value from their assets and find greater efficiency in their field service processes. It will serve as an extension of Lenovo’s larger Intelligent Transformation strategy, reflecting and reaffirming that Lenovo is the enabler and energizer of digital transformation.

As one of the global top 500 high-tech manufacturing companies rooted in China, Lenovo has rich experience in digital transformation. Lenovo developed the intelligent data-centered “START” methodology through constant exploration and trials in practice. Using this approach, Lenovo Consulting will build on its own experience and large reserve of talents to contribute to the digital transformation of Chinese enterprises. Lenovo also plans to grow this new consultancy initiative globally.

“The trends of digital transformation have provided the best opportunity not only for industry transformation and upgrading, but also for Lenovo itself,” said Gina Qiao (Qiao Jian), Senior Vice President and Chief Strategic Marketing Officer for Lenovo Group. “It’s a great time for Lenovo to unleash its strong potentials accumulated in the past. I hope that Lenovo consulting services will help Lenovo contribute to the digital transformation drive in China.”

Lenovo Consulting will provide a digital transformation infrastructure system comprising one hybrid cloud, five intelligent technology platforms, 10 intelligent business platforms, and numerous intelligent applications. The business will leverage breakthroughs made in areas such as customer digital operation, intelligent manufacturing, and intelligent supply chain, which have facilitated the strategic transformation and rapid growth of Lenovo.

Lenovo empowers customer development with its comprehensive digital solutions. Lenovo Consulting is producing huge opportunities for companies in all industries, but especially in areas such as the automobile industry, oil and gas, finance, power, energy, and water.

“Lenovo has the responsibility to use its digital experience to serve more industries and help them build more competitive business models driven by intelligent data. Moreover, only witnesses like Lenovo can successfully build this completely new business model. This is just the core advantage of Lenovo,” said He Zhiqiang, Senior Vice President of Lenovo Group and President of the Lenovo Capital and Incubator Group.