Joe Oreskovic, Eaton at MTL Summit: Look to 5G to Be an Enabler for Even More Tech

Nov 6, 2018
by Josh Anderson

MONTRÉAL, QUÉBEC – The digital transformation is underway, and Québec might be ground zero. That’s why CapRE convened the Canadian Digital Transformation & Green Energy Innovation Summit in Montréal last week, which featured a panel, moderated by Moderator Brian Klebash, Founder and CEO of CapRE, that dove deep into the way that this transformation is impacting the data center industry.

Joe Oreskovic, National Sales Manager, Eaton

“What is your sense of 5G?” asked Klebash to his panelists. “You talked earlier about the Edge and the Micro Edge. 5G will drive the Micro Edge, right? How do you see that?”

Joe Oreskovic, National Sales Manager at Eaton was first to offer a response. “You know, 5G is simply an enabler. When you look at technology, all of these IT driven deployments have really just enabled other technology,” he shard. “So 5G, and again from an infrastructure and power perspective, more so than the IT and applications perspective, what 5G will give is that it will allow the internet of things. It will allow, you know, virtual reality and automated solutions to be deployed.”

“So I think what you’re going to find is that you’re going to find a whole new breed of applications. For example, last night, someone brought to my attention the video game Assassin’s Creed. Google is going to live-stream that game. That’s how you’re going to connect with it, similarly to Fortnight. There is no software, there is no disc. It’s an online game and an online tool. That’s going to require those Edge data centers, those hubs, for that live content streaming.”

data center summitKlebash then looked to another panelist, Vincent Van Dongen, PhD, CISSP, PCIP and Sales Director at SixSq. “Vincent, how do you see it?” he asked.

“What’s interesting is how it is affecting all sectors,” replied Van Dongen. “And to give you an example, we have been working a lot with a street lighting company. These are examples, well when you think about street lighting, it has nothing to do with IT. But it actually is not the case anymore. A company in the area of street lighting, in order to be successful tomorrow, needs to introduce IT into their business today. Otherwise they are going to miss the boat for tomorrow.”

“And what I am saying here about street lighting, it also applies in the food industries, the sports industry, it’s the same thing,” continued Van Dongen. “Technology is getting everywhere. And that’s where we see the edge devices, the IoT and the Cloud. That’s where I see the use of this technology, which is going to be very versatile. All of this data, the winner will be, how you exploit and take advantage of all of these technologies together. If you can properly take advantage of all of that you’ll be able to be successful.”

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