Hyperscale Data Center May Be Coming to Lincoln, NE

LINCOLN, NE — The Lincoln Journal Star is first reporting that a company going under the pseudonym “Agate LLC” has filed paperwork with the Lincoln-Lancaster County Planning Department for a data center at the northwest corner of 56th Street and Interstate 80. The facility, if successful, would be built on 590 acres. State and local officials have not replied to requests for comment.

Few details have been made publicly available, but the paperwork for the development shows that the company going by the name of Agate (and holding a Delaware address) plans to build at least two buildings as part of an initial phase. Construction could start as soon as next year.

The company has completed a requisite traffic study, which found that 160 full-time workers could be employed full-time in the data center by 2022. By 2025, as many as 480 data center workers could work there, alongside 1,500 construction personnel. The build-out is estimated to be complete by 2040, at which time up to 960 people could work there.

Lincoln Chamber of Commerce President Wendy Birdsall is the only local stakeholder to respond to the Journal Star, confiring in an email that both the chamber and city have been involved with the project, “however, planning discussions are ongoing, so further details are not available at this time.”

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