How Can Crypto-Mines Serve as “Recycling Centers” for Other Data Centers?

Jun 26, 2018
by Josh Anderson

CAMBRIDGE, MA – Many in the data center industry still have a lot to learn about crypto-currency mining and its underlying technology of blockchain. In fact, some of the most exciting opportunities for making a profit on this new era might have little to do with diving into mining at all. For example, you might be able to make some cash by recycling your used gear. Below, we delved into this topic during a panel discussion moderated by Adam Waitkunas, President and Founder of Milldam Public Relations titled, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin: What are They and How Do They Impact Data Center Design & Construction? Below, Waitkunas asked panelist Terrence Thurber, CEO of OregonMines for some first-hand insight.

Waitkunas: How are you addressing power and cooling needs with regard to blockchain?

Thurber: I’ve been interacting with tech for the past fifteen years and have spent the past five or six years interacting with Bitcoin, including mining for the past five years. as of lately we’ve been dealing with power and cooling in the same way that the industry has been publicized doing – finding new sites and new opportunities. In our case, increasing the power costs that we’re paying. I think that the “Unicorn rates” some of these perfect situations, are not always going to give way.

I think that is a part of what prices Bitcoin up and down. The price of Bitcoin currency should support the cost of Bitcoin generation, and I think that at some point we’re going to be a distributed global currency…yeah, you can have a lot in the hydro-based area. The pacific northwest, areas of China, certain areas of India, certain areas of the Amazon river basin. But that’s very limited and it’s not going to scale globally. I think that, just over time, we’re going to see the price correct itself around those expectations.

Waitkunas: Can you talk a little bit about how blockchain and crypto-currency data centers can possible serve as a recycling center for other data center facilities?

data center summitThurber: Yeah of course. There is a huge amount of gear that’s come offline from data centers. And you can see it pretty much every generation in our world. You probably have a certain set of gear that you use that ranges between sticks that are six to twelve kilowatts, maybe 24 kilowatt sticks for PDUs, things like that, and Switches [from] Cisco and anything like that. And we’re not the only ones. We’ll get an offer with 100 available and within two days, they are gone.

And that’ll be every single day, every listing. If you’re looking to decommission your data center, upgrading for new efficiencies, call the nearest mine and see what they want to do with your hardware, because more likely than not they’ll pay better than scrap, they’ll come and get it, and they’ll accommodate your needs. We definitely would.

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Banner Photo (L-R): Adam Waitkunas, President and Founder, Milldam Public Relations & Terrence Thurber, CEO, OregonMines 

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