Hammer Communications Announces Agreement to Gain Colocation Facility and Edge Data Center

POINT PLEASANT BEACH NJ and PISCATAWAY, N.J. – Hammer Fiber Optic Holdings Corp, now redubbed Hammer Communications, publicized that it has signed a definitive agreement to obtain the stock of Open Data Centers, LLC,  Endstream Communications, LLC and 1stPoint Communications, LLC along with its subsidiaries. 1stPoint has strong intellectual property in over-the-top services such as SMS/texting and collaboration tools, virtual desktop and managed hosting services. Its subsidiaries have multiple CLEC licenses and a mobile operator license. Endstream Communications offers wholesale voice services worldwide. Open Data Centers operates a carrier neutral colocation facility in Piscataway, New Jersey and an edge data center in Homewood, Alabama.  The acquisitions are accretive to Hammer and provide operating synergies.

Mark Stogdill, Hammer’s Founder, said, “Using the proprietary Air Technology, complemented by the intellectual property and operations of the acquired entities, Hammer now has the ideal solution to cable network extension, wireless service expansion or an opportunity for DSL replacement.” Mark Stogdill will take the role of Chief Technology Officer of Hammer.

data center summitCurrently, Hammer provides triple-play services to retail customers in its operating market and plans to deliver that service nationwide alongside its operator partners. The Mobile Network Service Provider program, broadcast jointly by Hammer and 1stPoint, exemplifies how Hammer will use its existing capabilities and those of each of the acquired entities to operate and maintain managed wireless networks both domestically and internationally.

Erik Levitt, the Managing Member of 1stPoint, Endstream and Open Data Centers will instantly assume the roles and responsibilities of Hammer’s Chief Executive Officer. Levitt said, “The acquisitions create a strong management team, all of whom individually possess a long history of success in the industry. We are all dedicated to executing on the vision that has been created for Hammer since inception. We are focused on delivering on projects that will grow the company’s agenda aggressively.”

The offering will include wireless networking equipment, an over the top platform for value added services, 24×7 remote NOC and deployment services, sales and marketing support as well as project management. Open Data Centers will provide the infrastructure and personnel to facilitate the NOC for remote management capabilities.

Kristen Vasicek, 1stPoint’s Director of Marketing, has been appointed as Hammer’s Chief Operating Officer and commented, “We are looking forward to rolling out Hammer’s strategy and to further position the company to provide high speed triple play services, Smart City, M2M and IoT products to consumers through our MNSP program and our Everything Wireless approach.”

About Hammer Fiber: Hammer Fiber Optic Holdings Corp. is a telecommunications company investing in the future of wireless technology whose holdings include Hammer Fiber Optic Investments, Ltd. D/B/A Hammer Fiber, a New Jersey-based Internet Service Provider (ISP) that offers internet, voice, video and data services in New Jersey, as well as carrier services in Philadelphia and New York. Hammer Fiber serves residential and small business markets with high capacity broadband, voice and video through both direct fiber as well as its wireless fiber platform, Hammer Wireless® AIR technology.

About 1stPoint Communications: 1stPoint Communications provides integrated messaging, voice, data and mobile services for small businesses, enterprises and carriers. 1stPoint is committed to delivering all of the services businesses need to interact with their customers, employees and suppliers, providing its clients with A New Way to Work.

About Endstream: Endstream is a wholesale voice operator, providing voice termination, toll origination and toll free origination services to other carrier clients.

About Open Data Center: Open Data Center is a carrier neutral colocation facility in Piscataway, NJ. It provides services to 1stPoint Communications, Core Technology Services, Endstream Communications and is a utility data center for over 20 other clients. It is a 2N+1 design with an array of nine fiber providers and 26 resident carriers make it an ideal platform for HMMRs activities.