Google Chooses Mesa, AZ for Next Major Data Center

MESA, AZ — Google is likely to join Apple, ATT, and Boeing as another tech behemoth with operations in Mesa, AZ. The City Council of Mesa is now likely to to approve the Google development at its meeting tonight. The facility will be located on 186 acres of land located at Elliot and Sossaman roads in southeast Mesa.

“In terms of a financial deal, this is home run. This is a great day,’’ Mayor John Giles said in a statement to local and national news after Google’s announcement. “There’s no city that would not be envious of that.”

While Google has not announced the number of jobs that will come to Mesa, they did say that positions in the data center will pay an average of $65,000 annually. The decision by Google comes after a year of negotiations. If approved as expected, construction on the data center would begin within five years. Google’s proposal is contingent upon a property tax break accounting for $16 million USD over the next 25 years. Mesa estimates that the data center will still generate some $61 million USD in that period of time.

In Early June, CyrusOne, announced that it purchased 68,227 acres in Mesa, Arizona for the development of a new data center cloud campus for the Fortune 1000. Upon finishing, the new campus, located in the Mesa Elliot Technology Park, is expected to have five building facilities with up to 198 MW of critical power to power the new era of cloud computing services for the Fortune 1000. CyrusOne has seen tremendous demand from customers since entering the Phoenix-Metro area in 2012, and the broadcast of a second campus shows increased customer demand for enhanced cloud services.