The Future of Data Center Operations Management: Proactive vs Reactive Services

data center operations management
Sep 28, 2017
by Josh Anderson

ATLANTA, GA – Data center operations management can get a boring rap. Saving costs. Decreasing risk. The talk of bureaucrats. But based on our recent conversations in the space, specifically in the Southeast, it seems that data center operations management is experiencing a bit of a renaissance. So we connected with a handful of Atlanta and Southeast data center insiders about what they’ve been seeing over the past twelve months in data center operations management, and learned about the the potential for DCIM Platforms to revolutionize the way we work.

To begin, we heard from frequent Insider Report contributor Bob Kramlich, Vice President – Atlanta, T5 Data Centers. “You’re seeing a lot more information being pushed out to the consumers or the customers themselves, in terms of things like DCIM products,” he says. “Products like Structureware, where companies can actually take workloads and move them from one particular part of their infrastructure to another part, to get the best, most cost-efficiency way of moving workloads.”

Terry Land, Vice President – IT Infrastructure, Travelport, chimed in next. He said that, from a corporate perspective, they need to be able to manage their infrastructure. “They need the automation in place to automatically switch workloads back and forth,” he explains. “Megaport consoles are a great product to help facilitate some of that, combined with fairly standard proactive monitoring. “

data center operations managementNext up, we heard from Eric McVey, Chief Information Officer, Tier 4. McVey said that a lot of his clients want to commoditize pieces of their operations. “They want to shift their resources entirely,” he began. “That’s a phenomenon that’s been going on for the last couple of years. We’re having conversations as well where, people are trying to find that balance of, where is that workload actually being delivered, and for how long?”

“As many people as I talk about wanting to go to the Cloud, I’ve got that many more customers trying to get out of the Cloud. Because of rising and unforeseen costs,” McVey continues. “They didn’t think about that they actually had to manage that environment. Like they did with traditional on premise environments. So, we’re seeing companies now that can see workloads in Azure. They can see workloads in AWS. And in on premise. And they can manage that through one pane of glass.”

Proactive vs Reactive Data Center Operations Management

McVey says he is seeing providers now that are adopting that same technology over the past 12 months. “They’re helping deliver, what I call proactive, vs reactive, services,” he concludes. “You used to have calls at 3:00 in the morning. About how a server died. But now there’s technology out there that’s predictive. And the call says “hey, you’re trending up in this way, you might want to look at what’s going on.”

data center operations managementLand chimed in once more. A lot of the providers and partners that he talks to are of the same mind, he said, when it comes to saving time and money.  “We’re encouraging them to be more a more proactive type of provider to their clients, vs just kind of sitting back and saying ‘we’ll run it for you.’ Provider,” he says. “We’re hearing more about how people want this to be more of a, not only managed cloud provider, but talk about how we’re thinking about this, or that, and we need to know how that will fit into our type of environment. An advisory type role. I don’t think traditionally, a lot of data center providers have thought about that.”

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