Forced Physics DCT to Showcase Patented Cooling Technology at H5 Data Centers PHX

PHOENIX, AZ — Forced Physics DCT will showcase its patented JouleForce server cooling technology in an operational demo suite opening at the Phoenix location of H5 Data Centers on March 21, 2019. The H5 Data Centers installation demonstrates the energy efficient, high density computing capabilities of JouleForce technology displayed in a 32-kilowatt standard OCP rack. A 20 feet ISO container showcasing a robust edge/modular data center will also be on display.

“For those who thought liquid cooling was the only way forward to achieve high density, the new technology from Forced Physics DCT offers the winning combination of increased performance at a lower cost and without the complexity of liquid,” stated David Binger, PhD, and Forced Physics DCT & Chief Technical Officer. “And it works in any climate.”

Instead of liquid, this patented technology uses a previously unexploited principle of physics to remove heat by creating an accelerated molecular beam that transfers heat from computers into the outside air. It requires no server fans and eliminates the need for complex mechanical systems like cooling towers, plumbing, and air conditioners.

Consequently, the technology is highly reliable and delivers cooling effectiveness never before seen in the industry. This eco-friendly system reduces cooling energy by over 90% while achieving an industry low mPUE of 1.02 with no water. It is perfect for new builds, edge/modular data centers, HPC, and is flexible enough for retrofits.

“We are motivated to improve data center efficiency and think this technology will change the way data centers are built and operated,” added Scott Davis, Forced Physics DCT Chief Executive Officer and President. “The capability of isolating the standard OCP rack at H5 allows us to showcase energy saving, high density IT cooling without the need to condition the air.”

About Forced Physics DCT: Forced Physics DCT, based in Scottsdale, AZ, is a provider of innovative IT cooling. Their newly released JouleForce cooling technology significantly reduces the carbon footprint of data centers while providing a cost savings to operators and end users. JouleForce technology requires only filtered outside air to achieve the industry’s lowest mPUE 0f 1.02 – in any climate.