Facebook Dropping Plans for Latest Danish Data Center

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK — Despite a significant investment of time, money, and other resources, Facebook has announced that they are dropping plans to build their late data center in Western Denmark. It was first reported in late 2017 that Facebook intended to break ground on this facility. Facebook will still have a presence in Denmark, however, since it already has one data center in Denmark, near the student-hub of Odense.

“We have decided to abandon our project regarding a data center in Esbjerg. After 12 months of comprehensive studies regarding the project, including significant investments in land, we have now reached the point where we can make a fully informed decision,” Facebook told local new outlet Ritzau, who broke the news, via an email.

“Pointing to a specific aspect as the reason for the decision would give a misleading impression of how decisions of this type are made,” Facebook continued. “….Despite the many clear advantages, including beneficial access to high-speed fibres and sustainable energy, as well as strong support from Esbjerg Municipality, we have nevertheless concluded that the land, overall, is not the right place for our next data center in Esbjerg,”

“I am naturally very disappointed that they are stopping this process. But I am pleased that they have praised their partnerships with us and the other partners. But that is sadly scant consolation,” said Esbjerg lord mayor Jesper Frost Rasmussen, who hopes that the parcel of land in question could now be used for other purposes, and is actively speaking with some of Facebook’s rivals about potentially stepping in where the social network left off. “

“Transatlantic cables are still going to reach Esbjerg soon. So our strategy will not change because of this…the area is prepared for a hyperscale data center. The biggest players would have an opportunity here. Companies like Apple, Google and Amazon. But there are also smaller, co-location data centers,” continued Rasmussen.