CAPRE’s Third Annual Canadian Data Centre Summit

May 22, 2018


May 22, 2018
6:00 am - 7:45 am

Exhibitor Set-Up

7:45 am - 8:45 am

Registration, Breakfast & Networking

8:45 am - 8:50 am

Opening Remarks

Hear From:

  • Brian Klebash, Founder & President, CapRate Events, LLC | The National Data Center Summit Series
8:50 am - 9:20 am

Morning Keynote Presentation: Greater Toronto Demand-Supply in the Face of Growing Regional Canadian and U.S. Markets

Proposed Discussion Points:
* Analysis of the growth outlook of the colocation/multi-tenant data center market through 2021 and the supporting growth behind it, including revenues, market size, contracted power loads, and other key data points
* Focus on key enablers, increasing the demand for colocation capacity from all technology constituents, including: 1) The acceleration of Cloud On-Ramp Deployments (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Azure Stacks), 2) the rise of Software Defined Networking fabrics (Megaport, PacketFabric, Console Connect), and 3) Increased magnitude of strategic partnerships (CyrusOne-GDS, Equinix-Verizon, QTS Realty-Amazon Web Services, Digital Realty-Mitsubishi, etc.)
* The significance of Interconnection and/why this business segment is performing so well in today’s current landscape

9:20 am - 10:20 am

Greater Toronto Data Centre Market 360: What Firms are Actively Developing, Investing & Why?

Proposed Discussion Points:
* What impact will consolidation have on valuations in 2018?
* Evolution of the Toronto center market: What is the impact of new players?
* The impact of hyperscale development: Design and construction of today’s data center
* Overlap between data centers and wireless industry, and impact of the edge:life How is this trend playing out?
* What may change over the next 12 months?
* Server huggers: Are enterprise users still choosing to be near their data center?
* Are rents, revenues and margins increasing or decreasing and why?

Hear from:
* Todd Coleman, President and CEO, Estruxture Data Centers
* Christof Hammerli, Digital Infrastructure, Landmark Dividend LLC
* Kanan Joshi, Telecom and Internet Infrastructure Investment Expert
* Chris Moon, Managing Director – Technology & Telecom Banking, ING
* Eli Scher, Chairman and CEO, New Continuum

10:20 am - 10:50 am

Networking Break

10:50 am - 11:40 am

Life on The Edge: The Advent of 5G, Micro Data Centers & Evolution of the Next Generation

Proposed Discussion Points:
* 50% of data is expected to go to the edge. How is this trend expected to drive the change for the architectures of cloud, data centers and server farms from fixed public or private, to a hybrid of public, private, colo, micro and edge data centers?
* How will growth of the edge impact data center infrastructural transparency, visibility and control down to cabinet and shelf levels accuracy?
* 58% of firms, notably manufacturing, financial services, professional services and IT have and edge strategy. How have they deployed in the field?
* On-ramps and fast-connect and their relationship to the edge.
* The advent of 5g and micro data centers on cell towers: The next chapter?
* How are traditional colocation continue to devise strategy in 2018 in response to the edge?

Hear from:
* Roger Brulotte, Sales Director, Cloud & Infrastructure / Media & Content Verticals, Zayo Canada

11:40 am - 12:30 pm

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin: What are They and How Do They Impact Data Center Design, Construction & Development?

Proposed Discussion Points:
* A primer on this new technology
* What do miners do and how do they make money?
* How is blockchain secure?
* What are the different potential users of data center space?
* Hundreds of coins have collectively raised more than a billion dollars to fund decentralized cloud storage, digital advertising that will help anchor the web’s next evolution in funding businesses and services that will deliver more value to users and will be less dependent on middlemen. How is this changing how datacenters will be used, designed and developed?
* Longer term there is expected to be a paradigmatic shift using Blockchain’s accounting innovation on multiple industries and businesses that are all looking to trim costs, share and secure information more efficiently and role out new products faster. What are some examples that companies are working on and how is this changing data centers and cloud platforms?
* Have data centers transitioned from the current 3-level tree network architectures to a spine-and-leaf network architecture to accommodate blockchain systems and increasing data processing demands?
* Are Toronto-regional operators ready for the cryptocurrency mining wave?

Hear from:
* Roberto Montesi, Vice President , INAP

12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

Networking Luncheon

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Battle of the Red-Hot Canadian Markets in 2018: Comparing and Contrasting Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver from Site Selection, Connectivity and Incentives

Proposed Discussion Points:
* Cost of development: Competing in the various submarkets and obstacles (lack of space and demand for other property types)
* Cost power analysis in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver
* Analysis of unique public sector incentives
* Connectivity improvements tied to site selection
* Analysis of on-site power generation methods
* What are the advantages of each region?
* What are the unique competitive dynamics of each region?
* What are the unique attributes in each region?
* What market (Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal) is attracting the most new development, and why?
* Is investor engagement stronger in one region, and why?
* From a demand perspective, what region is most interesting to end-users and why?
* What is the different demand profile in each region?
* What customers are location-agnostic?
* Why would a customer need to be in Vancouver in addition to Montreal and Toronto?
* What are the unique regulatory controls in each region?

Hear from:
* Chris Balocco, Sr. Business Development Executive for Cloud and Content, Equinix
* Randy Brogle, Senior Vice President, Fiber Solutions, Zayo
* Henry Franc, Technology Solutions Architect – Canada, Belden
* Carleton Hall, Business Development, Iron Mountain
* Aaron Reuther, Vice President of Real Estate Development, Ascent Corp.
* Mike Segal, International Business Development, ROOT Data Center

2:00 pm - 2:45 pm

Best Practices For Planning And Managing Tenant Fit-Outs In Wholesale And Colocation Data Centers

Proposed Discussion Points:
* What are the key success factors to a smooth and speedy tenant fit-out?
* What metrics are used to track cost and speed in fit-outs?
* What elements of the fit-out process drive customer satisfaction?
* What are best in class tenant fit-out time frames?
* What are pros and cons of a provider versus tenant-managed fit-out?
* From the colo/wholo perspective, is it better to insource the fit-out or seek a turnkey fit-out solution from a third party provider?
* What are the cost and speed advantages of one approach versus the other?
* Does a particular building physical architecture contribute to the speed and cost of the fit-out? For example, does structural ceilings or raised floor designs give advantage?
* What drives cost advantage in material procurement?
* Is material procurement the longest pole in the tent?

Hear from:
* Jeff Alton, Senior Director of Data Center Operations, Rogers
* Suvojit Ghosh, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Computing Infrastructure Research Centre (CIRC), McMaster University
* Donald Mitchell, Data Center Division Manager, Victaulic
* Paul Schlattman, Senior Vice President, ESD
* Herb Villa, Sr. Applications Engineer, Rittal Corporation

2:45 pm - 2:55 pm

Networking Break

2:55 pm - 3:45 pm

Women in Mission Critical: Awareness, Leadership, Mentoring

Proposed Discussion Points:
* Sharpen Your forecast
* Diversity in leadership
* The growth of the data center industry and a prominent role for women
* Leadership to navigate the current environment
* Recruiting more women to the data center industry, specifically engineering and architecture roles
* Best practices for career advancement

Hear from:
* Moderator: Cathy Logue, Managing Director – Toronto, Stanton Chase
* Ghada Badawy, McMaster University
* Jaime Leverton, General Manager, VP – Canada and APAC, Cogeco Peer 1
* Strahan McCarten, Senior Vice President, eStruxture Data Centers

3:45 pm - 4:45 pm

The End-User Approach to On-Prem, Hybrid, the Cloud, and Tomorrow’s Compute Needs and Initiatives

Proposed Discussion Points:
* Economics of the cloud: What are the capabilities in the cloud?
* Workload application: What goes where? What should go to Amazon, Google or remain on premise?
* What are Google and Amazon offering to clients that might not be offered on premise?
* Agility of the cloud coupled with tools: How are cloud solutions making the impossible reality?
* Migration to the Cloud: How did end-users get over regulatory and compliance challenges?
* Is cloud security better than on-premise?
* Security, Compliance & Consolidation: The factors affecting big-picture data center decision making
* What aspects of the data center operation can be moved over to the cloud?
* What can you do to move data center growth off site to the cloud?
* Insuring uptime: How are operators finding ways to guarantee uptime?
* Analysis of how end-user firms are approaching the various cloud offerings (public-private-hybrid, etc)
* How are security and compliance issued view from the end user perspective?
* What are issues relative to global data sovereignty?
* How are end-users approaching custom design-build solutions?
* What are the actual war stories of cloud migrations? What went right, wrong, and what did you learn along the way?
* What are the hybrid cloud models that are working in practice in production environments?
* A cultural change for the cloud operations: How do you in the real world operate production systems?
* How do you operate systems that can not go offline?
* The challenge: Getting to understanding differences and different ways of building and operating the infrastructure
* Analysis of different tools for the different types of cloud

Hear from:
* Kirby Peters, Director – Critical Facilities, BMO Financial Group
* Sergey Polak, P. Eng., LEED AP, Director – Critical Facilities, CBRE Limited | IBM Canada Account

4:45 pm - 5:45 pm

Post-Event Networking