CAPRE’s Western European Data Centre Summit

Sep 19, 2017

Attendance Building for CAPRE’s Western European Data Centre Summit

Cloud vs Colo: 2018 and Beyond, Who Wins? How will IoT impact the data center industry? If you are active in the data center industry in Ireland, U.K., Amsterdam or emerging Western European markets, or looking to become more active, you will want to attend CAPRE’s Western European Data Centre Summit. This premier summit will be held on September 19 at Olympia London and feature 30+ speakers who will offer comprehensive market analysis of the opportunities and challenges. 300+ are expected to attend, including all of the most active European developers, investors, capital sources, end-users, public sector executives, engineers and consultants. The summit will feature 8 hours of combined informational panels and networking. Participating end-users will represent the EU’s most active public-and-private sector end-user firms.

“If you are interested in data centers or technology infrastructure, there is no better platform than CAPRE’s regional events. ” — David Spiewak, Managing Principal, DJS Group LLC / Next Tier HD

CAPRE’s Western European Data Centre Summit will feature an in-depth agenda of the most important industry trends and patterns:

  • In Europe, how has the growth of AWS and other cloud platforms impacted colocation?
  • What has been the impact of industry consolidation in Ireland, the U.K., The Netherlands, Germany and France?
  • How will the EU-directive, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) impact European data centre providers? How will the threat of fines impact providers, and what is their strategy?
  • Analysis of country and EU-specific rules relative to data sovereignty and security:  How are providers handling and encrypting data?
  • The growth of IoT in Europe vs. the Americas: The unique challenges and opportunities
  • The growth of AI and Driverless Cars: How will European operators and connectivity firms stand to benefit?
  • Lastly, how have Brexit and other nationalist movements impacted the European data centre industry?


Above: Engaging and expert speaking participating in CAPRE’s inaugural Western European Data Centre Summit, held on 20 July 2016, including: Host in Ireland, IDA, Server Farm and Interxion Ireland.

Beyond the Headlines: CAPRE’s Western European Data Centre Summit Expert speakers will discuss trends, patterns, opportunities and challenges, including:

  • What are the implications of new consolidators emerging in the data center arena?
  • What types of industry changes might we expect in 2017?
  • How will political changes around the globe impact the data center industry in 2017?
  • What are the new innovations relative to connectivity and data center design?
  • What is the global outlook in 2017 for data center investment and development?
  • Why is there such a huge valuation differential between the “haves” and “have nots” – i.e., scale, cash flow, strategic relevance?


Above: Greenberg Traurig’s Kemal Hawa interviews Facebook’s Dan Madrigal during CAPRE’s inaugural Western European Data Centre Summit in 2016.

2017 CAPRE Western European Data Centre Summit Schedule:

19 September, 2017; 8:00am-5:00pm

Full-Day Conference at The Olympia London: Panel sessions to focus on state of the market, new development/site selection, investment, financing, connectivity innovations

Telephone Registration/Questions: Ronnie Niederman | +1-646-829-7233

Sponsorship/Exhibitor Information: Brian Klebash | +1-646-331-8777