CAPRE’s Sixth Annual Washington, D.C. & Mid-Atlantic Data Center Summit

Sep 12, 2018

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    Jonathan Atkin

    Managing Director, RBC Capital Markets

    Sami Badri

    Senior Analyst, Credit Suisse

    Robert Gutman

    Director - Communications Infrastructure and Telecom Services Equity Research, Guggenheim Securities LLC

    Henry Amistadi

    IT and Data Center Analyst, MITRE

    Stan Blackwell

    Director – Customer Service and Strategic Partnerships, Dominion Virginia Power

    Gabe Cole

    Chief Technologist, Strongbow Consulting Group

    Chris Coleman

    Vice President - Enterprise Sector, Digital Realty

    Dan Ephraim

    Vice President, Infomart Data Centers

    Jeff Ferry

    Director, Goldman Sachs

    David Fiedler

    Datacenter Operations Design and Build Manager, Dropbox

    Jeffrey Fidacaro

    Senior Analyst, 451 Research

    Thomas Flake

    Founder, BCause

    Sharif Fotouh

    Founder/CEO, Compass EdgePoint

    Cary Frame

    CEO, Polargy

    Kyle Fredette

    Winthrop Resources

    Melvin Greer

    Chief Data Scientist - Public Sector, Intel Corporation

    Christof Hammerli

    Digital Infrastructure, Landmark Dividend LLC

    Mark Harris

    Senior Vice President - Marketing, Uptime Institute

    David Hessong

    Manager of Global Data Center Market Development, Corning

    Jeff Ivey

    General Manager, Corporate Office Properties Trust

    Darren Kelsey

    Manager - Data Center Marketing / National Accounts, American Electric Power

    Clinton Karcher

    Principal, SDC Capital Partners

    Daniel Kennedy

    Director of Sales Engineering, Tate

    Lee Kestler

    Chief Commercial Officer, Vantage Data Centers

    Keith Klesner

    Senior Vice President, North America, Uptime Institute

    Kaushal Kulkarni

    Infrastructure and Power Desk Analyst, Nomura

    Neil Lakomiak

    Business Development Director - Building & Life Safety Technologies, UL

    David Lambiaso

    Program Manager, ESD Consulting

    James Leach

    Vice President Marketing, RagingWire Data Centers

    Patton Lochridge

    Vice President, Zayo Group

    Jim Marsh

    Vice President, CPG

    Aaron Martens

    Senior Project Manager, HITT Contracting Inc.

    Bill McHenry

    Managing Director, JP Morgan Chase

    Dave Meadows

    Director of Industry, Standards and Technology, Stulz

    Rich Miller

    Founder & Editor, Data Center Frontier

    Ted Mocarski

    Senior Partner, Novacap

    Chris Moon

    Managing Director - Technology & Telecom Banking, ING

    Ken Parent

    Chief Executive Officer, Element Critical

    James Powers

    Area Sales Manager - Data Center, Eaton Corporation

    Ross Rebraca

    Vice President - Technology Sector, HITT Contracting Inc.

    Buddy Rizer

    Executive Director - Economic Development, Loudoun County

    Donough Roche

    Owner/Principal, Datacentrs Inc.

    Eli Scher

    Chairman and CEO, New Continuum

    Joseph Suppers

    Owner, NodeCom, Inc.

    Allen Tucker

    Managing Director, Jones Lang LaSalle

    Daniel Yim

    Principal, Noblis & President, Government Blockchain Association (GBA), Reston VA Chapter

Impact of Blockchain, AI, Amazon on Data Center Design & Development; Join 400+ Data Center Real Estate, Connectivity and End-User Executives on September 12

Impact of Blockchain, AI, Hyperscale Development & More: Leading data center developers, investors, capital sources, engineers and end-users are making plans to attend CAPRE’s 6th Annual Washington, D.C. & Mid-Atlantic Data Center Summit on September 12. More than 2,000 data center real estate and technology infrastructure executives have attended this event. Will you attend this important industry event?

Above: Data center industry thought leaders participated in CAPRE’s Fifth Annual Washington, D.C. & Mid-Atlantic Data Center Summit, held on September 12, 2017.
Join the most active data center executives with CAPRE on September 12.

“CAPRE’s New York Data Center Summit in April 2018 was the most informative data center event I’ve personally attended in the last five years.” — Daniel Youssef, Data Center Capacity Manager, Bulge Bracket US Bank

“CAPRE data center events are very valuable. The informational panels and quality of attendees have helped in my day-to-day in the data center industry. If you’re in the industry, you’ll find the conferences provide a resource” — Sami Badri , Equity Research | Communications Infrastructure, CREDIT SUISSE SECURITIES (USA) LLC


Expert speakers will discuss trends, patterns, opportunities and challenges, including:

  • The Growth of Hyperscale: How to Build Relationships for the Industry’s Next Chapter;
  • The Future of Colocation: What Types of Tenants (Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs) Will Drive Colocation Demand?
  • The Rise of Colocation Marketplaces
  • The Edge and Ultra-Edge: Micro-Data Centers on Towers
  • The Future of Hybrid Cloud and IT;
  • Best practices for hiring data center employees and contractors;
  • How to reduce costs while reducing risk;
  • Analysis of data center opportunities in the Americas vs. Europe;
  • Analysis of network reconfiguration to support evolving needs;
  • Analysis of competitive West Coast markets;
  • Best practices for site selection;
  • A capital markets perspective on the data center industry, including analysis of the most active private equity and venture capital firms.


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