CAPRE’s Northern California Data Center Fall Update & Operations, Architecture & Engineering Workshop

Oct 31, 2017

All Speakers (Compact View | Expanded View)

    Jonathan Atkin

    Managing Director, RBC Capital Markets

    Svein Atle Hagaseth

    Senior Vice President North America, Green Mountain Data Center, Ltd.

    Stephen Belomy

    Senior Vice President - US, Etix Everywhere

    Stewart Dale

    Software Application Engineer, Intel

    Orlando Dolojan

    Director - Client Engagement, Uptime Institute

    Kris Holla

    Vice President & Chief Sales Officer, Nortek Inc

    Brian Jackson

    Site Operations Area Director, Cyxtera Technologies

    Jad Jebara

    President & CEO, Tuangru

    Arman Khalili

    CEO, Evocative Data Centers

    John Musilli

    Data Center Architect, Intel Corporation

    Jon Paulsen

    Senior VP, DCI Technology Holdings, LLC

    Jennifer Roback

    Director Technical Sales, CommScope

    Dave Sterlace

    Global Head of Data Center Technology, ABB

    Wenli Yu

    CEO, Archimedes Controls Corp.

CapRE’s Data Center Operations, Architecture, and Engineering Workshop in Santa Clara will attract dozens of the data center industry’s leading experts to speak on the most critical and timely issues facing data center engineers, architects, and operations managers.  From hiring talent to UPS deployment strategies, from the latest advancements in data center physical security to the advent of data center information management dashboards, this inaugural event will continue the data center conversation that CapRE has cultivated across the United States and abroad in its Data Center Investment Summit Series by pinpointing and analyzing the industry’s most pressing issues, with some of the industry’s most experienced thought leaders (as well as many fresh faces). Whether you’re a IT technician, digital marketing strategist, engineer or Human Resources manager, you’ll benefit from the insight and foresight this event will offer into the inner workings of the data center world, an industry that is set for exciting developments in 2018 and beyond.