CAPRE’s Ninth Annual Northern California Digital Infrastructure Summit

The industry is evolving with the emergence of new investors and capital sources who seek opportunities in the expanding digital infrastructure universe. As consumption of data is growing at a rapid rate, developers continue to break ground on larger hyperscale data centers, while seeking to resolve the challenge of pushing content to the edge.  If you are active in hyperscale, colocation/MTDC, 5G, telecom or the next generation, you will not want to miss CAPRE’s 9th Annual Northern California Data Center Summit on February 25, 2020.

What should the industry expect in 2020? How might the Presidential Election and macro factors impact digital infrastructure growth strategies? How will the continued consumption and use of data create new opportunities? Will some markets see oversupply, and others see undersupply? Finally, with all of these changes and frenzied growth, what is the best strategy for your business over the next 12 months? Join CAPRE for this important industry event.

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