Equinix’s Charles Meyers on The Edge: Content Delivery Set to Change Dramatically

Oct 2, 2017
by Josh Anderson

ATLANTA, GA – Charles Meyers joined Equinix in 2010, and today he leads the strategic business teams that drive company growth by focusing on the future needs of customers and partners. The Strategy, Services and Innovation (SSI) unit includes Product Management, Engineering, office of the Chief Technology Officer, Business Development, Corporate Strategy and Tech Ventures. Under Mr. Meyers’ leadership, the SSI unit works to optimize the company’s position as a cloud enabler, identify key growth areas, and evolve our services portfolio in response to market, competitive and technology trends. At CapRE’s Second Annual Great Atlanta and Southeast Data Center Summit on August 24, Charles participated in a Q&A with Tim Huffman, Senior Vice President and Director of Data Center Solutions at CBRE called “‘The Connectivity Horizon of Hybrid IT.” Below is a snippet of that Q&A.

Huffman: One of the topics we talked about earlier today was edge facilities. Getting the content close to the consumer. What do you see the horizon for Equinix being, as far as your philosophy here in the states?

Meyers: You know, it has been very interesting, because obviously that is one of the areas that we are looking at closely at. In my new role, we have a number of sort of emergent technology areas and needs in the market that we are tracking very, very closely. How people are thinking about the edge, and what the implications of things like the internet of things are on Edge requirements is something that we’re tracking very closely.

What I’ll say, however, is that for the most part, I think that, other than delivery of consumer digital content, the edge requirement has not changed dramatically recently. I think that is about to change probably, but I think that right now, we’ve seen that, for the most part, even with internet of things aggregation, most companies are finding that they have done that very successfully from the key points of interconnection across the world.

So they’re actually finding internet of things aggregation to be done very effectively, at least today, from within sites like the ones that are in our footprint today. But I do think that there is an emergent set of applications where compute and data manipulation and analytics will need to happen closer to the end sensors. And I do think that that will open up a change in the landscape. I think that a number of things are going to sort out there in terms of who plays how.

I think that the towers are probably going to be involved in some way. They’re already existing infrastructure that’s out there and highly distributed today, but not necessarily purpose-suited for edge data center requirements. So, I think that there is going to be a lot going on. I do expect that we will continue to look at what our customers’ requirement are in terms of where the edge needs to be. Right now, I think our focus remains more on these heavily interconnected points of aggregation in the key markets around the world. But it’s one we are watching very closely. And I would expect that our edge will press out a little bit according to the needs of our customers.

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