Elk Grove Village Case Study: A Business-Friendly and People Friendly Industrial Park

CHICAGO, IL — Elk Grove Village is one of the top national locations for data center development. Home to the largest industrial park in the U.S., Elk Grove has over 2.2 million square feet of data centers attracted by a robust fiber and electricity network. Furthermore, Elk Grove was recently recognized for being the most business-friendly community in America. Josh Grodzin is the Director for Business Development and Marketing at Elk Grove Village, and at CAPRE’s Chicago Data Center Summit in March, he participated in a panel discussion titled “Legislative Efforts to Incentivize Traditional Data Center and Hyperscale Developers.”

New Event SquareEarly in the discussion, Moderator Ed Sitar, Manager of Economic and Business Development at ComEd turned to Grodzin for some perspective. “Josh, can you talk a little bit about data centers from a municipal perspective?” he asked. “And maybe a little bit about the importance of local collaboration.”

“Absolutely. In Elk Grove Village, we’re in a unique situation. Because we’re a municipality that’s working with developers and business operators in the trenches of economic development,” he replied. “We have a very diverse industrial park, so we’ve got manufacturing, building materials, and data centers are a really important part of that. In Elk Grove vVllage, we pride ourselves on being business friendly.”

“So for us, our biggest incentive is really our attitude, our staff, and our process,” he continued. “We are problem solvers. We’re proactive. We don’t throw road blocks in front of people. We want to help businesses. We want people who bring business to Elk Grove to be successful. And that holds true for everyone, from our department officials down to our staff.”

Josh Grodzin, Elk Grove Village

According to Grodzin, the Elk Grove Village Industrial Park is running on a vacancy of about two and a half percent. “Ten years ago, it was about 13 or 14 percent vacant,” he recalled. “So what we’re hanging our hat on is competitive incentives. Bringing business to the Village. We’ve been successful at that. And on top of that, on top of our people, our processes are very easy. When you oversee the largest industrial park in the country, you get really good at helping people build industrial buildings.”

“So we have very quick turnaround times…we love to meet people before they file a plan, just to make sure everyone is on the same page,” remarked Grodzin. “And that saves time and money for everyone involved. On top of that, if it’s not enough, we’re very supportive of the Cook County 6B Tax Abatement program. For those of you that don’t know, it’s a property tax abatement that lasts about twelve years or so, we utilize that quite often on new construction. So we really strive to be people friendly and business friendly.”

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