“Data Never Sleeps”: Garry Connolly Kicks off Ireland Data Center Summit with Keynote About Digital Disruption

Oct 5, 2017
by Josh Anderson

DUBLIN, IRELAND – CapRE’s 2nd Annual Ireland and Emerging European Markets Data Center Summit kicked off this morning with remarks by Garry Connolly, Chairman at GconnTec & President Host in Ireland & Cochair of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Awareness Co. Among many topics, he began his keynote address by discussing an exciting – yet potentially overused – buzz word: Disruption.

Garry Connolly

“Let’s talk about the word disruption,” he began. “Every generation thinks they’ve invented music, right? What generation doesn’t think that their kind of music is the best and biggest? Well the word disruption – this generation thinks they’ve invented it. However, it’s happening.”

Digital disruption is over, said Connolly. “Now you’re either very lucky, or you’re about to go out of business, if you’ve missed it,” he continued. “Because someone is out there to put you out of business, and it’s all because of digitalization. It’s all to do with flexibility of devices. It’s all about using the information that comes out on the other side.

“Every industry here, even look at Uber in the United States,” Connolly offered. “Uber has been disrupted! Lyft and all the other companies coming after them, that second generation of companies – they’ve just destroyed marketplaces. AliBaba, they’re unbelievable. We haven’t got any sense of how big these guys are. They’re not even in Europe yet. They’re the largest retailer on the planet. They do in one day — $8 billion dollars. $8 Billion was done in one day. $8 Billion. That’s just staggering stuff.”

According to Connolly, there is not a single industry that’s not affected by digitalization. “I gave a talk a couple of weeks ago, and it was the same day that the National Ploughing Championship came to Dublin,” Connolly recalled. “I just happened to be listening to the radio, and I thought, Oh there’s an industry that maybe hasn’t been digitized so much. And the guy that was being interviewed was actually in the App Store for the Championship, and he said that he had created a “Tinder for Bulls.” A Tinder for bulls! Now after you get over the fact that it’s hard for a bull to do a hoof on a screen, you realize that you can have too many cows, or too many bulls. So he was giving this to farmers so that they could pick and choose.”

“So that’s been digitized. Completely,” Connolly concluded. “And the thing about the screen, is that it never sleeps. People sleep. Even machines on occasion sleep. But the generation of data, the distribution of data, and the source of the data never sleep. Because now we’re moving into an era where the data that is being created is just a tiny part of the overall objective of the data, which is to use to be analyzed, to kick out even more data. In the last sixty-seven seconds, 1, million, five hundred and fifty eight thousand GB of data have been created. Just think about that…”

This is just one snippet of many to come from Connolly’s keynote address at CapRE’s Ireland and Emerging European Data Center Markets Summit. Stay tuned to CapRE’s Insider Reports for more from Connolly and dozens of other European data center insiders.

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