Cyxtera Technologies Acquires Vulnerability Research Firm Immunity

Jan 9, 2018
by Josh Anderson

CORAL GABLES, FL — Cyxtera Technologies, a security-focused data center operator from the Southeast, has announced that it will acquire the vulnerability research firm, Immunity, for an undisclosed amount. Immunity is best known as an “offense-oriented” organization offering testing, assessment and consulting services as well as specialized security products designed to ferret out hackers and other security threats. This portfolio distinguishes Immunity from other firms that specialize in addressing only measures for defensive security. Industry observers have mused about how well the firms complement each other.

Immunity, which is based in Miami, is the developer of leading platforms such as Innuendo, an advanced penetration testing tool for modeling data exfiltration attacks, and Canvas, an assessment tool designed to be used by security professionals for penetration testing and hostile attack simulations. Cyxtera is expected to leverage the company’s capabilities, currently delivered to Global 2,000 companies around the world, across their global infrastructure platform and customer base. The transaction is expected to close soon, sometime in the first quarter 0f 2018 (subject to customary processes). Cyxtera will then integrate Immunity’s full portfolio into its own line of solutions for threat analytics.

“In the security industry, it’s rare that you can blend together offense- and defense-oriented capabilities,” Cyxtera’s chief cybersecurity officer, Chris Day, said in a statement. “The advantages of combining Immunity’s products and services with Cyxtera’s portfolio create an opportunity to approach cybersecurity in a truly holistic manner. The expertise developed in both companies is highly complementary; it will strengthen our ability to help customers better secure their infrastructure.”

“We know the team at Cyxtera well and are excited to take this next step to expand our reach and resources,” said Immunity’s Chief Executive Officer Dave Aitel as well. “We’re proud to be joining forces, where our combined capabilities will help Cyxtera further its vision of delivering a secure infrastructure platform.” Immunity’s leadership team also includes security experts such as Bas Alberts and Nico Waisman. Southeast data center insiders may also be familiar with another assets of Immunity — the Miami-based annual technical conference Infiltrate, which Immunity owns and operates.

“We’re pleased to welcome Immunity to the Cyxtera family,” added Manuel Medina, Chief Executive Officer for Cyxtera. “They bring a world-renowned team and an exceptional set of capabilities to our organization, which will help us not only extend our existing cybersecurity offerings, but also help harden and augment our entire portfolio and global data center platform.”


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