CoreSite Announces Higher Bandwidth Hosted Connections for AWS Direct Connect

DENVER, CO — CoreSite Realty Corporation has announced the availability of Hosted Connections with 1, 2, 5, or 10 Gbps of capacity for Amazon Web Services Direct Connect. These capacities are available through the CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange, enabling direct, private, virtual connectivity into AWS. The availability of higher bandwidth connections optimizes hybrid IT by offering customers the flexibility to select a connectivity option that meets their needs with the ability to scale bandwidth as needed.

“We’re excited to expand our offering of Hosted Connections through AWS Direct Connect with bandwidth capabilities now up to 10 Gbps,” said Gerry Fassig, Vice President of Sales. “With AWS Direct Connect services and CoreSite’s Open Cloud Exchange, we can provide access to the cloud and multiple regions from any CoreSite location. As our customers grow their digital strategies we can serve their needs through flexible, powerful hosted or direct connect capabilities.”

CoreSite is an Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN) and has been providing CoreSite customers with AWS Direct Connect services since 2011. AWS Direct Connect is a cloud service solution that makes it easy to establish a dedicated network connection from on-premises to AWS. CoreSite customers can privately access AWS Direct Connect through a cross connection or through high-performance virtual connections via the CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange.

About the CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange: Established in 2013, the CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange is one of the first exchange platforms of its kind, built to virtually unite enterprises, networks and cloud providers, including major public clouds such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud. Unlike using the public Internet, the CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange establishes direct, secure, virtual connections — enabling more control, reliability, and security for your data. Additionally, CoreSite’s user-friendly online portal allows on-demand access for CoreSite customers to interface directly to virtual cloud environments. Through individualized portals, customers maintain control of data in real time, providing the scalability and elasticity essential for cloud applications and one-to-many architectures.

About CoreSite: CoreSite Realty Corporation delivers secure, reliable, high-performance data center and interconnection solutions to a growing customer ecosystem across eight key North American markets. More than 1,350 of the world’s leading enterprises, network operators, cloud providers, and supporting service providers choose CoreSite to connect, protect and optimize their performance-sensitive data, applications and computing workloads. Our scalable, flexible solutions and 450+ dedicated employees consistently deliver unmatched data center options — all of which leads to a best-in-class customer experience and lasting relationships.